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04/19/2005: "the first to speak is the first to lie"

whew! that was a long weekend which culminated in a very long monday. 21 grooms yesterday plus checkouts; gross receipts for the weekend were north of $4K. gotta say, while jan/feb are nice b/c they are slow, i do prefer to make money...helps pay for my vices.

we finally figured out why we were 75% booked for boarding this weekend: the MS150 was going on. ah, i remember the days when i used to live to ride and ride to live. the farther i get away from being a bike messenger, the more romantic i get about it. but let's be honest, while it was awsome to spend the beautiful days spinning around town doing lawyers' dirty deeds, the cold, wet Texas winters weren't much fun. it is amazing what torture the human body can get used to, including gettting hit by cars (3x no less.) still, every morning when i get in my car to drive to work, all i have to do is glance across the garage where my lovely Ibis hangs idly on the wall. kinda sad. *sigh*

so today is a welcome respite from the insanity that was this weekend. friday, sat, and sunday were heavy groom days (3 days grooming, close to 60 dogs) and i spent most of my saturday working in the play yard repairing the damage that 30-40 some odd dogs always seem to be able to do when they congregate. why do they like to dig? damn you dogs, damn you straight to hell!!

i did find time to play a little tournament poker at Northside on sunday, but the results were uneventful; i was out right before the first break, after suffering two bad beats and two piss poor plays. ever go all-in when your opponent holds pretty much the nuts? yeah, i like to do that too! sitting in the BB i grab fishhooks, so when the action gets to me i raise that kitty up the standard 3xBB: action = 3 callers. flop comes 10-Q-Q. my move? all-in. why? i dunno. i felt they were either on draws and had missed the flop or had underpairs. i was right on two counts, but got one caller. his hole cards: 10-Qo. ISYN. is that a playable 3xBB calling hand? guess so. maybe i should have raised 4xBB. maybe i should have checked since i couldn't beat the board. for what ever reason, i gambled poorly and lost. REBUY! fast forward to my Hilton biatches, who got sucked out on the river by my opponents wired jacks. harrumph. now short stacked and facing the coming blinds which would eat my entire stack, i was first to speak when i looked down at Kojak suited. about the best i could hope for, no? yeah, 3 doors down comes an all-in looking to isolate. fold, fold, fold and we're heads up. he rolls queens, which for me just a few hands prior had sucked ass, but for him held up. good game and g'night. i was home by 6PM. so if you glance down the right side you will take note that my B&M total is rapidly approaching zero. in efforts to reverse this i am going to take a wednesday sometime soon and hit Lake Charles. i am hoping i can catch some bigger fish than myself. heh.

this sunday is the WPBT $1500 WSOP satellite that Iggy took the time to set-up. i am excited to get a chance to play with the blogsphere...hopefully i won't embarrass myself with any poor play.

little media related news: as a proud and proper TiVo evangelist i would like to point out some rumblings in the press. all i can say is that i hope google wins out...i like their attitude.

in somewhat related news, i have yet to find time to buy a PSP. i am actually sitting here looking at Amazon's listing for it and thinking of just ordering one; i am so damn lazy/busy that the chances of me getting up to Best Buy this week are pretty slim. i still am on the fence a little b/c i know that once i have it i am not going to use it as much as i think, but damn it, it is a want! i'll keep thinking about it....btw, the ad campaign is hella-catchy: "Take Me Out" with the point-of-view film style is just damn cool and hip. i watched the TiVo sponsored ad about 30 times the first week it appeared on my TiVo's entry page. i hope Sony has to pay TiVo per user view - heh.

Otter sent me a good article on Wilco's impending show. in related news, i stumbled upon Wilco teaming up with Lawrence Lessig in the fight to keep digital rights free. very cool of Tweedy. now if i could just find time to make the show.

well, i think that covers some of the misc. stuff rumbling in my head. i am off to manage the dogs....


i have been reading blogs all day, perusing websites, and thinking about my play in general. i guess one epiphany is that i have been focusing almost solely on tournament play recently. K-Dub is out of town on vacation so i have had no reason to play with any of the Texans and i have been keeping in town b/c every trip to Lake Charles requires me to clear an extra $40-60 to pay for the car rental. plus, each sunday i have only played in the Northside tournament and skipped the post tourney ring games - games that had been lucrative for me in the past.

i guess i mention all this b/c each time i look at my B&M profit/loss i am a bit wistful about its state of affairs...but it is to be expected. i don't know about other players, but my tournament play involves a bunch of losses, a few small money places, and a couple of big money places. i think this is the nature of tournament play; the only way to control the wild variance swings in tournament play is to (a) make as few mistakes as possible, and (b) get lucky/avoid bad luck.

let's look at some numbers:

Poker Stars:
i have played 19 tournaments since Jan 1, 2005. i have 7 places in the money; my ROI for these 19 tournaments is 353.59%; these are net amounts:
3rd = 12.50
4th = 1592.31
6th = 1100.86
10th = 69.44
20th = 17.58
32nd = 79.55
52nd = 48.66

Party Poker:
i have played 71 tournaments since Jan 1, 2005. i have 29 places in the money; my ROI for these 71 tournaments is 28.17%; these are net amounts:
1st = 7x for 440.00
2nd = 11x for 761.00
3rd = 11x for 99.00

i post these numbers b/c i think it shows, at least in my experience, a fair amount of tournament play involves losing. BUT, when you win, you can compensate for many of the losses.

so, i guess some of my down-in-the-mouth feelings about my recent poker experiences are b/c i have ignored ring play, maybe too much. i don't mean to sound like i am burnt out on tournaments, actually the opposite; i really enjoy tournaments; i love the constant pressure, but i just wish i won more. i guess most people do, too. and like most, after a loss, especially one where i was close to a good finish, i spend a lot of time looking over hands and deciphering my play, what went right and what went wrong.

lastly, i generally don't play a lot of ring games online. why? well, either i suck or the limits i play at are not lucrative and are more conducive to looser play, or both. i generally play $.50/$1, sometimes $.25/$.50 if i am short rolled. i don't keep enough of a roll in Neteller to play higher and i do that on purpose: when i play online i feel like i chase too much. case and point: if i am four-to-the-flush and someone puts me all-in for my 30% out, i take it and it sure feels like i hit less than 1/3rd of the time! in B&M ring games, i am much tighter. much. i guess it might be the seperation between the physicality of having to get up and rebuy or call a chip runner. dunno, but i think that is what it is.

so maybe for the month of may i will hit as many ring games as i can handle and monitor my results. K-Dub should be back from Hawaii, which will put me in with all that loose NFL money and i have option of now playing The Mongrel as well as Northside. hmmm...just some thoughts, which i will certainly ruminate on more.

onto some great links:
*the best 2+2 thread ever. around page 11 it really begins to get good.

*Paul Phillps on bet sizing (via twenty outs twice).

*truckin', vol. 4, issue 4.


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Buy the PSP, and get it from Best Buy so you can buy the warranty in case you have pixel or analog nub problems.

You'll play it a hell of a lot more than you think you will, trust me.

Mourn said @ 04/19/2005 02:51 PM CST

and don't actually try and take your psps OUTSIDE like in the commercial. Your psp becomes an instant mirror with all that glare!

arogan said @ 04/20/2005 02:54 PM CST

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