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05/02/2005: the seeker

i have been ruminating on a new way that i should approach my NLHE tournament play; i am hoping that tomorrow i will have a chance to flesh it out fully and put it into a readable format.

while waiting for my lazy arse to do that, here are some results from recent Full Tilt play where i put these theories/methods into practice:

this was my first attempt at changing my tactics: 10th out of 129. while it didn't earn me a payout (this freeroll paid a single token for first), it did give me an impetus to try for real money.

so next i entered a token satellite. 3rd place got me some money, but not the token.

emboldend by two good placings, i went ahead and tried my hand at getting into the $200+$16 satellite for the WSOP circuit; as you can see, i am playing this sat!

lastly, after a poor play in the 2nd WPBT WSOP satellite (where i over played pocket jacks preflop and found myself staring into the abyss that are pocket aces), i went straight to FTP and pulled this out. i felt in control the entire SnG.

more to come!

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Very nice run.

Good luck Saturday.

And a Styx reference in the later post? Brilliant.

Come Sail Away...

Joe Speaker said @ 05/03/2005 02:40 PM CST

Nice finishes on those tourneys!

gracie said @ 05/05/2005 09:27 AM CST

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