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05/06/2005: "is someone getting the best of you"

well, should we not reach 60 entrants, Full Tilt cancels the tourney and refunds the buy-ins. i am disappointed by this for a couple of facts:
(a) New Orleans is the last circuit event
(b) New Orleans is a mere drive from Houston. now should i go, i am going to have to *truly* justify it to the wifey. winning entry would have been so easier.
(c) i was hoping for a smaller field - one that maybe i would have a chance in!

well, now i am going to have to think through the opportunity - do i goto New Orleans to try the circuit? i have read some posts saying the events are juicy fishfests. it is like a 45 min flight for less than $100. hmmmm. we'll see. i am so drawn to damn tourneys....

besides this tournament tommorrow, i have the Cardplayer freeroll too. so at least my hard bargained day off won't be fully wasted.

i shall leave you this evening with Tony Sinclair. this man maybe my hero (and i love the new Ten gin!)


(edit 05/07/05)
it's on!

wish me luck!

(edit 05/07/05)

first break = 16th out of 55

(edit 05/07/05)

that didn't take long! out in 49th place.

i am ok with that. no, seriously. there was no way when my opponent made me make a decision for all my chips (pre-flop) that:
(a) he couldn't know that i didn't have AA. i came in for a little more than 4xBB.
(b) i could know he had KK. he was playing very loose and hitting cards. i was expecting any hand from AA to 22, including AK, AQ, AJ and AT.
(c) i had seriously pulled back from playing looser, since there were two guys at the table (Smurf_Fla and GLock) who were playing loose enough for everyone else. what i was playing were strong hands and showing down good plays, e.g. right before break i flopped the nut flush in clubs and slow rolled Smurf_Fla for about half his stack; he folded when i check-raised him on the river, but i showed him the hand anyway...i wanted him to see he was drawing dead from the flop forward.

anyway, that's poker, baby! now time to decide if i goto New Orleans anyway....

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funny commercials.

dac said @ 05/07/2005 09:48 AM CST

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