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05/08/2005: i just called to say i love you

happy mother's day!

ah sunday - my truly only day off!

found an interesting link about Daniel Negreanu's project Stacked. appears that besides being for PC, PS and Xbox, the PSP will get an addition. all versions will feature robust online play. Josh Arieh, Jennifer Harman, Erick Lindgren, Carlos Mortensen, Evelyn Ng, David Williams, the who's who of the "new generation" of players, are signed on. i hope this turns out to be the first video games that captures the poker experience.

in other gaming news, EB Games and GameStop are merging - although in business terms, GameStop is acquiring EB and will fold their operations into the existing GameStop stores. i know in my neck of the woods, every area has one of each, so this means less competition and less opportunities for consumers. hate to say it, but with the rise of big box retailers like Best Buy, Circuit City, Target and The Great Satan moving into gaming, it was only a matter of time before some consolidation took place. should be interesting to see if this helps or hinders GameStop's financials.

i am such a relentless consumer - no fiscal control, just a lemming running towards the cliffs of commercialism: bought the new Doves release yesterday and couldn't help picking up an offering by the Stars, a band i have never heard of before. both are pretty good, so it's not like i am unhappy, but damn iTunes and the ability to sample songs before you buy! in all truth, tongue removed from cheek, i can't think of a better system than paying $9.99 per album, never having to leave my house, and having the freedom to put the tracks on CD and my iPod. who said micro-payments wouldn't work?

well, about time to slip off for a little B&M NLHE.

if you haven't already, call your mom and tell her you love her!

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