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05/09/2005: "that's it, i quit, i don't give a shit"

image courtesy of PokerSavvy.com; rage courtesy of me.

yes, you are seeing it correctly - he chased the flush to the river without a made hand and didn't even have the nut flush draw. plus he was acting before me - so the bets were his, not mine. i actually called the whole way (after opening post-flop with a pot-sized raise of $50) thinking i might be beat with trip kings (although truly i put him on two pair, limping with king-little.) at least everyone else at the table was as equally flabbergasted as i was.

thusly, i have decided to take off at least of week from playing poker: to think, to read, and to focus on a new playing style. the donkey fests are just becoming too draining, and while this beat didn't do anything more than make a small dink in my poker roll, mentally it made me tired, oh so tired. plus, this is a good time to take a break b/c i just bought Super System II, Harrington on Hold 'em, and Chuck Palahniuk's new one, Haunted.

still up in the air is a trip to New Orleans for the final WSOP Circuit event. while this would mesh pretty well with my schedule, i am just not sure i am ready to play in a tourney this size - i.e. since tinkering with my playing style i feel less sure of a lot of my methods; everything is in such a state of flux. the flip side, it is a reasonably-priced trip and the tourney buy-in for the first two days is pretty cheap, so i dunno. we'll see how i feel Sunday after my week sabbatical from playing poker.

in other news, i began to build an ark yesterday afternoon, but the rain finally abated. arriving home from Northside, i found wifey reading via my petzel light - the power had been out since 5PM; it wasn't restored until after 11PM. to tell truth, it was kinda nice to sit on the couch with the wife and read in "true" silence. no TV, no TiVo, no CDs, nothing. windows open, clean rain breeze and silence. was actually a good decompression from the night's poker fatality and the impetus to take some time off. yea heavy rain storms!

off to work the dogs!

(edit 05/10/05)
ok, i have looked at my notebook and reconstructed the hand above:

6 pretty good players see the FLOP
EP = $2
MP = $2
BB = $2
SB =$2

PRE-FLOP pot = $12

FLOP brings 7 5 K

EP bets $10 & pot = $22
MP folds & doesn't show
LPWINNER calls $10 & pot = $32
SB folds & doesn't show
BB calls $10 & pot = $42
DEALERLOSER raises to $50 & pot = $92
EP calls $40 & pot = $132
LPWINNER calls $40 & pot = $172 (odds: $132/$40=3.3     38/9=4.22)
BB folds & doesn't show

TURN brings 9

EP checks & pot = $172
LP bets $100 & pot = $272 (odds: $172/100=1.72     37/9=4.11)
DEALERLOSER calls $100 & pot = $372
EP - folds, shows pocket 6s

RIVER brings 8

LPWINNER bets $50 & pot = $422
DEALERLOSER calls $50 & pot = $472

LPWINNER shows J 3

as i see it, the turn bet was a "controlling bet," which is a bet that is an attempt to limit the amount i might put into the pot.

as you can see, this is why i need some time away from playing - to catch-up on analyzing my past play and the current trends in my play. i think part of my problem is that i have about 20 hours a week for "recreational" use (and i have over 60 hours a week devoted to work) which means i usually spend my "off days" playing poker, instead of reading, studying, contemplating, and learning. this has been a trend that developed around the time that Spring sprung; a few lucky places on Poker Stars have helped hide the flaws.

so, i think i have at least solved an issue with this hand. as much as i was thinking my opponent was foolishly chasing, i enabled him to.

please feel free to comment.

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That storm was killer. I was actually grilling burgers outside during part of it if you can believe that. Yay storms, yay covered porches.

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