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05/10/2005: "feel good, inc."

"So if your goal is to become a top no-limit hold 'em player, be glad that it's tough, rather than an easy thing to do. That just means your hard work will be well rewarded." -- Harrington on Hold 'em, pg. 19

in business this is called a barrier-to-entry. generally, once you are an established business, you like barriers b/c they limit competition and increase the chances for long-term profit. i guess the same could be said for poker too. the problems with barriers are that, if you are not already established in the industry, you gotta overcome them first.

just putting in a little time overcoming some barriers....

after the jump: Barry Greenstein's lists the top five poker players in da' world!


1. Doyle Brunson
2. Chip Reese
3. Chau Giang
4. Phil Ivey
5. Barry Greenstein

"What tournaments are all about is beating bad players. Building up big chips in tournaments is a skill. I don't want to say they don't have certain skills. But playing good players, they'd have their heads handed to them at the highest levels."

hmmm, where's this leave Daniel Negreanu?

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