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05/13/2005: "I sought to lose that cloud that’s blacking out the sun"

check it out...in my house it's outplaying the new Weezer by about 4-1.

well, it's friday and i have yet to play a single hand of poker this week. the bad news is that i have not made much headway into my poker books. so what have i been doing?

well, we went to Heather's Senior Show last night; had some dinner with friends and then drinks afterwards. it made for a long evening and an early morning, but sometimes you gotta act young again. positive side: Heather's artwork is fantastic. here's wishing her the gainful and fulfilling employment she deserves!

i've done a ton of reading, although in truth much of it has been periodicals. dug up these links which discuss why the generation of gamers is going to be the generation of business elite. interesting reads.

inside the June '05 issue of Vanity Fair is an article on Steve Wynn and his new hotel/resort/experience. i had completely forgotten these small facts:

(a) he paid himself $1.25mil in bonuses for 1998 & 1999, a period during which Mirage Resorts' stock waaaaay underperformed the S&P 500

(b) the Bellagio was over budget by $400mil

(c) by early 2000, Mirage Resorts' stock was down from $26 to $11.50

(d) during this same time period, Wynn's $4mil Fifth Avenue apartment was paid for by Mirage Resorts

(e) when the MGM Grand bought Mirage Resorts, Wynn walked with $500mil plus $11.3 golden parachute

hey Steve Wynn - you are one lucky batard!

today there was a small story about luck in action. guess i should play my fortune cookie numbers more often!

i also caught up on both May issues of Cardplayer. the Stu Unger two-part piece is pretty doggone good. read it here and here.

lastly, i hope tonight to get to read a little more Harrington on Hold 'em. still up in the air about playing on Sunday...might just wait for the proper new week to start.

oh yeah, i think K-Dub and I are going to play in the Phil Hellmuth Poker Challenge. so that might keep me from going to the WSOP Circuit event in New Orleans. again, still on the fence, but we'll see.

well, hour left of work...time to tidy up and get ready to close.


ooops - a few more items, after the jump....


i picked up Dynasty Warriors for the PSP. have yet to load it but i at least bought it (story of my gaming life.)

since we were out last night, i had to TiVo the big MTV/Xbox 360 30 minute infomercial. good round up of info at Kotaku.

friend i used to work with told me about this blog. i LOL several times today while viewing it; hope you do too!

and of course, everyone is speculating, but all we really know is that the damn 3rd season is delayed...again. at least the second season DVD comes out on the 24th. our thoughts go out to Dave - fight it out!

that should do me. is it FAC yet?

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