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05/16/2005: i didn't get a harrumph outta you

hmmm. this appears to suck. it is in reference to this.

i was told by one of my clients, who happens to rep. Reliant Park, that the event was cancelled due to the stance from the Houston D.A.'s office. i have also read that it is TABC that is clamping down on it. i have an email into the local contact to see what's what, but it appears that at the least, no tourney this saturday. harrumph.

in other news, Dave has surfaced. now can he please come home and finish the show? i am in serious withdrawal.

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Yeah, it may be the 21st century, but you are still stuck squarely in the buckle of the bible belt. Actually, I guess we are lucky to have the internet in Texas.

Speaking of Dave, he is done. You think CC is going to take him back? Dude just upped and walked away. I mean, they *might* be able to understand the whole "freak out" thing, but they will NEVER be able to accept/forgive that he walked away from 50 Million dollars. Just not something they can compute.

And, if we have learned anything, its that we tend to kill what we don't understand.

brokensword said @ 05/16/2005 05:59 PM CST

are you kidding? not take him back? dude, they are waiting with open arms!

besides the contract issues, where i am sure Dave would get some of that reported $50mil, the show is not filmed linear. they film all the scenes and then cut them into episodes. so as of now, there is not a single new episode ready to go. Comedy Central would sell their first-born sons to get another season on the air...as soon as possible!

i mean, think of the ad revenue...Chappelle's Show is the highest rates CC show on air. it beats both Jon Stewart's Daily Show as well as South Park.

and that reeks of money!

bcd said @ 05/17/2005 04:00 PM CST

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