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06/02/2005: when you see it then you'll understand



ps - thx Otter!

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album comes out tuesday. surely best buy and circuit city will have it for 9.99

dac said @ 06/04/2005 06:55 AM CST

it'll get the "big" push for sure. two page article in last week's Newsweek - mainstream media.

bcd said @ 06/04/2005 07:11 AM CST


You know, about a month ago, I really enjoyed this song (In fact, I still like it).

For me this tune is now somewhere between "Stairway to Heaven" and a vigorous application of sandpaper to the ol' NIPS!

Why? HBfrickin'O is playing the Holy Crap out of it. Every break, every channel, all day and all night.

Totally ruined this song for me.

brokensword said @ 06/06/2005 08:55 AM CST

media saturation...i think this is why i have yet to buy a Coldplay CD: if you watch enough media (TV, movies, etc) then you will hear about 75% of their stuff.


bcd said @ 06/06/2005 01:39 PM CST

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