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06/03/2005: Charm the wolves with the eyes of a gambler

define addiction:

due to work being more busy than Divine Brown at the RNC (100% booked last weekend, 100% booked for this weekend, when does it ever end??), i just am not getting much poker time. heck, i am not getting much Brently time. anyway, i did sit down last night in a semi-lucid state and managed to stomp an SnG, so it looks like June 19th will be my last go round for the WSOP.

enjoy the freebie in last night's post!

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New Orleans for card playing? You are serious about the pursuit of WSOP are you not?! Work sounds busy - that's good. If there ever is a qualifying event in Tacoma, WA - you must come out. Da Aroma of Tacoma baby!

RRC2 said @ 06/05/2005 07:28 PM CST

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