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06/05/2005: "sunshine to the rain"

i think i like heads-up...

played two late this evening and won both. used my winnings to try to win a token...so close:

hard to gauge how i am playing. i feel so out of sorts, mostly from lack of play i think, but maybe from playing those long arse rounds in New Orleans. i really want to play some more long round tournaments...need to travel.

jump me!


btw - i got a few emails asking where my money totals for '05 went. well, after expenses for the New Orleans trip i was basically at zero for 2005 (ok, i was like -$205 but still.) and yes, i was not real pleased with that. leave it to my wife to ask why i was tracking short-term fluctuations, esp when it was the long term results that mattered. i guess i was moping about over how i fared at the Circuit events and she called me on it. nice to have someone to do that for ya!

anyway, i am letting Poker Tracker track my online results and i am using my journal to track my B&M results. hopefully without those numbers staring me in the face daily i can play the aggressive game i need to play. we'll see.

tomorrow is a much needed day off. doubtful i will even log-on. cya monday, i hope!

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