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06/08/2005: wake up, stop dreaming

i am tired, so i might call it a night.

i keep waiting for FTP to kick me in the ding-ding. i am sure it is coming, so i am enjoying my time with my family jewels....

and the reinvestment:

ah the low limits.

gute Nacht!

Replies: 2 Comments

So, does the Token mean you now have a seat in the wsop?

gburns said @ 06/08/2005 01:26 PM CST

no, the tokens are used to buy into the satellites to win a seat in the WSOP. most of the WSOP tourneys are $500 buy-ins, so the token gives me a chance to win the $500 buy in, in this case at the low, low cost of $4.40.

the good news is that i have already won a $500 seat and will be playing for one of thirty $12,000 packages for the WSOP.

the bad news is that so far there are 400 of us playing for those 30 seats. not great odds, but could be worse. i expect that by June 19th when the $500 tourney plays, there will be roughly 500 entrants for those 30 seats.

thus, i keep playing in token satellites, trying to increase the number of WSOP seat tourneys i can play in.

bcd said @ 06/08/2005 01:43 PM CST

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