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06/14/2005: if you want a friend, feed any animal

i had a big, long post today...and then greymatter ate it b/c my ISP upgraded my server files and in doing so changed the path for my PERL scripts; thus, post go bye-bye.

instead of trying to redo it all at this late hour, enjoy these:

goede nacht!

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Impressive. a 3 minute and a 2 minute game. Hmm. Are these guys going all in right off the get-go? Or is it you trying to get the early kill?

gburns said @ 06/15/2005 07:20 AM CST

You are on a tear!

gracie said @ 06/16/2005 08:52 AM CST

you know, i dunno; the name of the game in heads-up is unabashed aggression, although sometimes it seems like some people take it abit too far. also remember, in heads-up you can play maybe 15-20 hands in two or three minutes. the pace is usually über-fast.

each one of these matches was a result of me trapping: often times early i will show aggression with crap hands and then when they fold, i show the bluff. usually this results in a chance to limp with a monster and take a huge pot.

as always, it requires adapting to your opponents play: tight when they are loose, loose when they are tight!


and not to give the impression that all i do is win:

but sometimes i do!

i am 8/10 so far.

bcd said @ 06/16/2005 09:23 AM CST

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