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06/16/2005: "in your honor"

so here is a short recycle from my post that was devoured on Tuesday...

big ups to my alma mater for making it to the final 8 in the College World Series. first time since 1978 - hopefully this will be the year we go all the way. looks like Baylor is 5:1 to take it all.

little bit of info: i like Chuck Palahniuk, if you couldn't tell from my list of books in queue. Otter shot me this link a bit ago...just now getting around to it.

ok, i can't take it...we gotta move on to new content. hit it after the jump!

have you seen the new Foo Fighters CD/DVD combo? holy mother of all that is sacred. two CDs, but are both duo-discs, each DVD sporting footage as well as a special 5.1 enchanced surround sound version of all the songs. and yes, i tried it out last night on my system and the 5.1 is noticably different and better than the CD version. besides all the candy, the music is pretty fricking good. ok, well, so i haven't made it to the second "slower music" CD, but still. and i don't want to go all fanboy on you, but i think we have another Top Ten of 2005 listmaker here. so yeah, i was pretty wet when i opened it up last night and popped it in. in summation, buy the special dual disc version. kick ass! now onto the worries: there has been some concern about dual discs that they may not play on some computers or some CD/DVD players. also, the rumor was that the copy-protection was partly to blame. well, i can report that so far the CDs have played in my car and in my work CD-ROM drive. the DVD played flawlessly in both my new Sony progressive scan DVD player as well as my first generation Toshiba DVD player (that i have had for at least ten years.) no issues. lastly, i am not sure yet on copying it, but iTunes 4.8 on my two-and-a-half year old HP laptop ripped it right in. i will try backing it up tonight with various tools (i am hoping CloneCD will work, since it is the easiest.)

also arriving yesterday via my friends in brown was the first season of Scubs. wow - three DVDs sporting 24 episodes and extra goodies; what a winner. we made it through the first five last night - all part of the first season that we missed. whatever broadcast exec made the bright decision to put TV on DVD, i hope he is rich and famous.

my copy of The Cinncinatti Kid arrived yesterday too, but due to my current media saturation, i haven't even broken the seal. hopefully i will have some time this weekend.

lastly, this Sunday is the big Full Tilt 30 Seat WSOP tourney. as of this AM when i looked there were 480 qualifiers. i am hoping it stays below 500, giving me a 1:16 chance of making it. we'll see.

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