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06/21/2005: "i'm over and i know it"

247th out of 847. i finished ahead of 70% of the field, pretty much consistent with my play in the New Orleans WSOP circuit events (where i was in roughly top 10 and 25%.) it ended when i made a misread in level 12. with the blinds at 200/400 and an ante of 50, i was sitting with roughly T6000. not too impressive and it was obviously time to turn up the aggression and win some races. i was somewhat new to the table, having been moved 3 times in the last two rounds - one of my pet peeves (aside: this never happens in live action tourneys; tournament directors are much more aware of who they have recently moved and seem to make better decisions in combining tables. why can't online sites get this right?) i had showndown a couple of solid hands, including pocket queens that held up versus an all-in AJo. so when i found pocket fours in middle position, i put in a 3x raise and watched the field fold. the lone holdout was the big blind who re-raised an additonal 1600 or so. calling his raise would have left me with about half my stack; taking into account his position in the blind, i read him as holding A-x and trying to defend. hoping for a race and some luck, i raised him all-in and he called pretty quickly, flipping wired kings and making me a 4.5 to 1 dog. bricks filled the board and i was out.

other noteable finishers:

73 - John D'Agostino

83 - Quiet Lion

110 - DoubleAs

427 - Paul Wolfe

467 - Victor Ramdin

502 - GambleAB

541 - Rafe Furst

684 - David Grey

i think nothing is more evident than i still have not learned enough about pushing early. a key to success in tournaments is winning pots with the second or third best hand. you simply cannot wait to catch cards and expect to win many tournaments. i was hoping that live play would allow me to play looser and get better reads, but i was not too impressed with my play in New Orleans. i still posit that online is much tougher than live for tournament play: short rounds combined with the lack of physical tells are huge negatives. i don't think you will see an online player dominate online tournaments in the way say Negreanu dominates live tourneys - i think it is impossible, and not just because Negreanu is an amazing player, but more because of the two above mentioned reasons. i could be wrong....

i am still playing a few heads-up tourneys on Full Tilt, having rolled the $20 i left in my account post-WSOP-circuit event up to a little north of $150. besides being quick games, i like the fact i can have a few drinks and still play pretty well - there is just so much less to keep up with!

next up is reading some of Super System 2 - i think expanding into new games would be fun and might help my NLHE play. i am looking at limit hold'em, triple draw, and omaha as my next forays. we'll see.

well, time to make the doughnuts....

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