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06/22/2005: "play it again, Sam"

i took some of my dirty, dirty heads-up money and played in this...

top three finishers go on to this...


so i guess Sunday is the day!

in other news, Baylor pulled out an incredible comeback to defeat Tulane last night. how big a comeback? it was 7-0 when we left the sushi restaurant...i didn't even bother to turn the game on when we got home. well, they did it, so tonight at 6PM CST we play UT. here's hoping our pitching can hold out.

i spent some of my day off watching The Cincinnati Kid. ok, so it isn't bad, definitely cool since McQueen is in it (and a very young Rip Torn,) but it definitely shows its age. and of course, there is the question of the validity of the final hand. either way, worth owning, but know what you are getting - a 1965 Hollywood flick on 5-card Stud.

of course, on my single day off this week, i did not spend any of it reading...and i went ahead and ordered the new Harrington on Hold'em. it's a sickness, i am telling ya. i did finish Aces and Kings, as well as about 90% of Harrington's first book. i am working it....

so the baseball game is about to start. i think i will quaff another Guinness, lay on the couch, and peruse Super System II. what is Triple Draw anyway? ;^)

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