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07/12/2005: "how we do"



i had the opportunity to not call an all-in with my AKo. i could have passed, waiting to hit place #99, which paid out the minimum - $70.45 (i spent $31 on this tourney - one rebuy, and the add-on.) instead, i chose to gamble. why? b/c the $70 wouldn't pay my bar tab from saturday night; the first prize of $11K would pay my 2006 taxes and buy me a motorcycle - you make that call.

as for me and my house, we'll follow the gamble.


my game is progressing. while i am finishing in the money pretty regularly as of late, i haven't hit a huge payday - YET! - but i feel it coming. i have been actively studying Harrington on Hold'em, Vol. 1 and Ace on the River, esp. Harrington's book. i have Vol. 2, but i am taking my time to truly devour and understand Vol. 1 before cracking it. i have taken copious notes on Vol. 1, filling several pages of outlines with several to go. the result? i have hit the money in the last 3 Poker Stars' SnGs ($30+$3) and i have run over the $11+Rebuys during the last week (only to blow my stack when i have been over aggressive. i am still learning.)

other news?

the fscking WSOP is awsome. god bless the internet.

the Tour de France is incredible. i have some worries about the upcoming mountain stages...but i am trying to stay positive.

my Astros made it to 1 game above 500 by the All-Star break - whoopde-fscking-doo. i still say selltheastros. (yeah, yeah, i need to get around to filling the site out.)

i finished High Fidelity. it spurred me to buy the DVD. Hornby is a genius.

i have also polished off Blink and The Professor, The Banker, and The Suicide King. both are well worth owning.

well, it's late. tomorrow is my day off and K-dub and i have poker plans: either Northside for cheap $1/$2 NLHE or one of his boy's house for some higher stakes games (but possibly some of those crappy 'luck' based games, like 357). we'll see.

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