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07/15/2005: all the cocaine in the world

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(warning: WSOP '05 info below)

the final nine!

Seat 1: Joseph Hachem - $5.42M
Seat 2: Andrew Black - $8.14M
Seat 3: Tex Barch - $9.33M
Seat 4: Daniel Bergsdorf - $5.27M
Seat 5: Mike Matusow - $7.41M
Seat 6: Aaron Kanter - $10.7M
Seat 7: Brad Kondracki - $1.18M
Seat 8: Steve Dannenmann - $5.46M
Seat 9: Scott Lazar - $3.37M

sadly, both Raymer and Ivey got knocked out. to be honest though, i would like to see Matusow win it. i think it would be a good comeback for him and might exercise some demons.

cards are in the air today at 4PM PST. check out Cardplayer.com for up-to-the-minute details. of course, the venerable Pauly has his own live updates too!

in other news, i took two Ultram last night prior to sitting down for the Poker Stars $11+Rebuys tourney. i ended up donking out 593rd out of 1149 entries. the pills and G&Ts made me pretty "loose/aggressive". heh.

off for more work...updates maybe later!

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