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08/18/2005: i guess i'm floating

random thoughts and ramblings...

so i TiVo'd Tommy Lee Goes To College - how could i not? seminal band from my early 20s; spent many an hour drinking to their songs...plus it was always cool that Otter could play Tommy's chops by ear. drummers rocks. anyway, the show is pretty funny. i like how NBC chose Tommy to build a reality show around and FOX chose those cunts whores Paris and Nikki Hilton. very doubtful that Tommy is going to come off as a complete ass. gotta feel bad for the guy though; it appears they have dropped him into classes mid-semester and his course load is crazy: chemistry, physics, horticulture, etc. heck, he is even trying to be in the marching band - looks a lot harder than you think!

my last two sessions of poker have seen me get up both times by a mere $25. last night in the Northside $6/$6 NLHE i played about four hours. i was down to roughly $200 with about 30 min left before i had to leave (had to be back to help Dar close the shop by 7PM). then the poker gods finally smiled on me: my wired 3s that i limped magically turned into set. the flop held two diamonds (10, 7, 3), so i stuck in a slightly bigger than pot-sized bet. the two gamblers at the table both called (one was the previously mentioned Bookie.) the turn paired the board with another 10, so now flushie es no bueno, gueros. i am on the button and last to act. Bookie drops in a bet equal to my last - i figure he might have two pair and/or is chasing the flush. all i can think is, "god, please let him hit his flush, please, please, please." the next player to act, let's call him Treetop (b/c he is about 6' 5" and owns a huge tree farm that makes him big money) raises - sticking in approximately $150. now i am thinking, "is my full house good - does Treetop here have a bigger full house?" it is totally possible that he has 7s full of tens. hmmm. well, not like i am going to lay down a full house (i am just not that good yet), so i go all-in with my remaining stack, which makes Bookie fold (damn!) and Treetop calls the meager $20-30 more. he looks at me and says, "i have a trips," and shows me his 10-J offsuit. i am very excited. very, very excited. i show him my cards. he is not pleased. i decline insurance and watch the river brick. post-toking the dealer, i stack up $525. let's see - four hours of play, $25 profit - $6.25/hr. harrumph!

found a few more games out in my neck of the woods. a new cigar shop in our area has a "members only" area; it is quite the bomb. membership is a steep $750/year, for which you get a cigar locker that will hold about 4 boxes plus use of the leather-appointed lounge. the lounge is equiped with WAP, two flat-panels, storage for your BYOB and a full kitchen with staff that will make anything you want when in operation (generally on poker nights or "big smoke" nights). they run poker games on thursdays and saturdays and freeze-out tourneys once a month - rakefree. i tell the manager that i am interested, so he comps me an invite to today's game. i thank him but forget to ask about the stakes/games, so last night i call to find out how much to bring to the game. he says $40 should do it. are you kidding me? so guys pay $750/yr for cigar storage and a badass place to hang out and they gamboool with $40? not even worth my time to go....

there is another game that runs wednesdays at a local country club. you can visit three times prior to joining as a social member, which is $150/year. same kinda deal, the club pulls no rake, makeing their money on membership, food and drink. i guess that is legal, even though the TABC has shut-down bars in and around Houston doing this. anyway, i know two guys that play there and they say there is as much money on the table as the Northside $6/$6. this sounds doable for me, esp since it is 10 minutes from my house. we'll see how it works out; i may go next week.

i think i am going to play in Saturday's Full Tilt $200+$16 satellite for the Borgata Open. i figure using my winnings from my last tourney basically makes it a freeroll for me. plus, the wifey and i want to hit the Borgata sometime soon, so what better a way than to try to win our vacation. poker for me, spa for her!

funny site that deals with my former job skill: The Daily WTF. wow, do i not miss coding. i seriously have no desire to ever go back. harrumph!

bought Sin City yesterday while having the car's tires rotated and balanced; i have not heard much about this movie, which in this day and age means it could suck badly. i'll keep you in the loop.

school in Fort Bend County has officially started so the shop is now roughly 40% occupied. this is a welcome respite from the last 2.5 months of summer vacation frenzy. next up: Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. already 100% booked for Labor Day and about 50% booked for the holiday season. here's hoping to a vacation in late September or early October!


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