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08/21/2005: "i ain't seen a beating like that since someone stuck a banana in my pants and turned a monkey loose"

wow - today has been a heck of a poker day. i played in the Full Tilt $35K Guarantee NLHE tourney. i also played in the Poker Stars $11+Rebuys PLHE tourney for a seat in the WCOOP Event #4 $200K Guaranteed tourney.

make the jump for results and some really good screen shots!


first some results:

i am disappointed with my results in the Full Tilt $35K tourney. i made two poor plays with AQ and had to play catch-up from pretty early on. i finally ended up tripling up with AK which gave me barely enough to last past the bubble. it paid to 27 spots, i finished 25th for $280.80. that puts me little ahead for the weekend at Full Tilt around $60 or so.

in the Poker Stars $11+Rebuys i fared better. i rebought once and did the add-on, for a total of $31 spent. i finished in the money in 4th, but places 1-15 were all berths in the WCCOP $200K, so it didn't really matter. how well was i doing? at the 2nd break i was in 1st place with 43,781 in chips; the next closest competitor was around 33K. i pretty much put the tourney on "away" and coasted in. woot!

now, let's see some cool stuff!

while multi-tabling, i got this screen shot - same hand on both sites. struck me a pretty neat!

on Full Tilt, i hit quad 3s twice. seriously - check them out here and here! didn't really get paid off, but still. please notice where i flopped a full house and then rivered it to quads. talk about poker luck!

you'll notice in that second quads pic that John D'Agostino was at my table. here's a pic with his avatar in all its glory.

i did manage to pull this small pot from Dags in blind vs. blind play. and then...OWNAGE! heh, i am of course joking. i was lucky to pull either pot.

anyway, it was fun. i think my game is slowly improving. i still gotta learn to push more i think - when real money is on the line (a la FTP's $35K) i am a bit hesitant. maybe in about 5 years i will be ready to take on the pros!


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This is great reading. Thanks for posting all these screen caps and for posting hands. It's helping me a lot.

A few posts down ... I don't think I'd have called an all-in when I held QQ and there were two J's on the board, but I'm not good enough to correctly make that call in any situation.

the new said @ 08/22/2005 10:01 AM CST

no, i am sure it was a pretty poor call. i was more surprised that he flipped AA. i was expecting JA or JT.

trust me, i was still regretting that move last night...hopefully we live and learn!

bcd said @ 08/22/2005 10:52 AM CST

Ha, I just noticed that you plug your website instead of list your location like everyone else. That's great.

Too bad that $200K guarantee starts at 3 pm. I won't get home until 6, but hopefully I will see your name at the top when I check out the chips counts. Good luck! Keep playing your game no matter the stakes.

the new said @ 08/23/2005 12:32 PM CST

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