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09/08/2005: "now i ain't sayin she a gold digger"

luck maybe a lady, but she's a trifling bitch.

i haven't had a rant post in a while. today might be the day...we'll see how it goes. make the jump and crown me for more of the same.


august was a pretty good poker month, until the last week. i had turned $26 into $280 into $700. that was a tourney entry, tourney prize and then ring games ($.25/.$50, $.50/$1/, $2/$4) on FTP. then in the last week i lost the whole $700 plus another $300. almost $700 was on two hands alone (full house over full house and my trips got sucked out on the river to a straight.) i've replayed some of the other losers and some of that extra $300 were my mistakes. nothing like a sharp kick in the jimmy to make you humble.

was reading StB's blog and his post about Poker Tracker and the Poker Tracker Guide - good stuff. i have been using Poker Tracker for awhile for my tourney stats, and i have been importing my ring game hands from Full Tilt for the last month. i haven't done too much at dissecting the ring game hands b/c there are only about 4K worth, which i figure is not a significant enough sample. what i haven't done, and i should, is go back over the Poker Tracker Guide, esp. paying attention to the player rating features. never used it, but maybe i need to. thanks to StB for reminding me on using Poker Tracker.

i see that Apple released the new Nano. 2GB and 4GB versions avail and these are flash drives - ie not like your hard drive on your computer - no working parts! what makes me sad is that i am waiting for the new big iPod, hopefully 80GB or bigger. where's my love Apple?

how about a non-poker related rant? glad you asked!

you know what i am sick of? customers. more specifically, those customers who come in and bitch, complain, hint, ask, etc for discounts to our prices. basically i am fed up to my eyebrows with their shit, and i am six foot tall. need an example? my wife related to me that yesterday one of our long time customers came in to have her dogs "neatened". essentially she had her dog groomed a week ago and now a week later she wants a "little more off" b/c it wasn't short enough. oh yeah, she isn't going to pay for that either. okay, fine, she's not the first bitch to want something for nothing, despite being asked when she picked her dogs up if the groom was to her liking/specs. whatever - that doesn't bunch my panties. what pisses me off is her comments that our prices are too high. nevermind that her prices increased in the last 30 months from $40 to $43. nevermind that our prices are highly competitive with other shops (a huge point of contention between my wife and i, but that is another rant.) no, what you should mind is that this bitch is whining while driving a brand new mercedes, living in a huge ass 6000 sq ft house, and gabbing ninety-to-nothing about the renovations on-going at their lake house in Austin. now, i would never use that any of that last stuff as an argument to refute her complaint about my prices - her life and expenditures are her business and for all we know they are leveraged to the hilt. but what i would tell her - and trust me, had i been here i would have - is that she is more than welcome to go to our competitors if she feels she is not getting her money's worth. to wit, i highly encourage any/all of our customers to vote with their dollars and go elsewhere if they are unhappy/unimpressed with our service. that is how i live my life, it should be how they live theirs. what i am unwilling to do is listen to anyone try to talk me down on my price. do you do that shit at Wal-mart? do you bitch at Exxon when gas prices go up? do you go in and say, "you know, i'd like to keep getting my gas here, but you just charge too much." do you say that? if the answer is no, then keep your fscking comments to yourself about my prices. when my supply and demand curves no longer meet and i am running a supply surplus in grooming capacity, then i will consider alternatives. but since i have more customers than i can groom in a week's time (requiring apppointments 2-3-4 days in advance) what i am going to keep doing is raising the price. economics 1301 bitches. study up.

wow - fiesty aren't i?

seriously - i can't stand humans. they drive me crazy. i am so not suited to ever deal with customers.

btw - if you think i am joking about how i live me life, here's a small example: my wife and i have used Cingular for our cellular service for the last 4 years. our monthly bill was roughly $100 and we shared rollever minutes. so they got $1200 a year from me in billing. feb '04 i bought my wife and i Motorolla camera phones, what was the latest greatest at the time. i signed up for a new two year plan with them. everything should have been hunky-dory, but the phones were complete shit. i could care less about the camera, but the phones themselves ate batteries like chocolate (we had two backups b/c they drained so quickly) and they had the poorest hearing speakers on the market. i would often not take calls b/c i knew i wouldn't be able to have a decent conversation. my wife dreaded her phone also, and it affected her more b/c, of course, she uses her phone a lot. around July '05 my wife was at her wit's end. she wanted, nay, needed a new phone. pronto! i knew that we had till Feb '06 on our contract, but figured Cingular would allow me to re-sign for another two years and get new phones. wrong. W R O N G. they told me we would have to wait till Nov '06 to be able to get the phone deals, you know the ones, where they knock $100-$300 of the phones and you still end up paying $150 for the newest/greatest. now, i had done this before, renewed for another two years prior to finishing my last two years and i was in my fourth year of service with them - a long time customer. so i asked to speak to a manager who parroted the same line i got from the sales girl. without getting upset or angry i made sure to tell the manager that i was in fact getting two new phones and should they not like to help me out, i would simply change providers. her answer was final. i switched providers that day to Nextel and paid Cingular the $300 buyout on my contract. so who won? me? Cingular? Nextel? well, i know for a fact that Cingular got a one-time payment for $300 and lost yearly recurring revenue for $1200. Nextel got yearly recurring revenue of about $1500 plus $500 for two phone sales. me? i got two new phones. now i relate this not b/c i think Cingular screwed me, or b/c i was trying to get some deal from Cingular and i was bitching about price; i highly suspect that Cingular does not take a loss on those phones when you sign up for service. they could, but i doubt it. no, i relate this b/c i did what i always do: offer my side, explain what i want and what i am going to do, and then i do it. businesses can take it or leave it. Cingular left it and i applaude them for it. no hard feelings. why can't i get my customers to do the same. fsckers.

enough about me. what about you?

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WTF? A non-poker related rant?

Hey, you are right the phuc on about bidness. Makes me crazy. I wish I could stay calm when I think I'm getting screwed. But, at the end of the day, its results the same.

I had a similar experience with SBC DSL.

First, after two years my price shot up almost twenty more dollars. I called, asked to be disconnected, they asked why, I said you too high, they said we'll return you to the previous price.

Cool. Nobody got hurt.

About a month later and its almost impossible to connect at night and on weekends (hey could be great during the day, but my pooch hasn't gotten over the thumb thing yet).

Anyway, LSS, after three tickets, idiot tech support, and people that either lied to me or were just plain stupid, I had had enough.

I was calm the whole way through. Still got phuc'ed around on the attempted disconnect (yeah, like "you just renewed your contract, you'll have to pay a fee" - seriously they said that, seriously that was a lie).

Finally get to someone who can help me quit the service. I'm a little hot, but not hostile.

Guess what, she was awesome! Tried everything in the world to get me to stay, offered "literally" anything I wanted to stay and I said, this is the only way I can convince your boss that your tech support is horrific.

So, not only did I get disconnected, but she gratted me the last two months worth of bills. And I told her the truth, *if* I ever go back to SBC, it will be because of her. Just hope they recorded it.

Last dig: McAfee sux azz

I haven't been getting updates to my laptop. It came with McAfee. Never tried it, might as well try it right.

So, again, a couple of techies later and I am more pizzed than ever. Yes, we discovered the original issue: I stopped using IE. You can't run their ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAM WITHOUT INTERNET EXPLORER...I'll let that sink in.


OK, so, now's there's that issue, but during the "debugging" *their* software indicated I had two additional issues.

When I point this out to the first tech, he says "I woulnd't worry about" (Registry Issue and Version Mismatch). Before I can say "what" he's disconnected.

The next guy (takes forever to get to the next guy) say's much the same. Then, has the balls to ask me to send a couple of files to his boss so they can review their process.

Well, the guy got an email from me alright. But I told him he could have the files once someone at least TRIED to address the issues brought up by their diagnostic software.

Hmmmmm, did I ever get a call or a reply? McAfee, you sux. Period.

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