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09/10/2005: "outta site, outta mind"

due to a small bug in Full Tilt's hand history program, i don't have all the minutiae from this hand, but trust me, besides exact chip stacks, i know the rest...it is burned into my heart.


i was in the top 40 players with around 170 left. in previous hands i had caught wired aces & kings plus AQ; the deck is warming up to me nicely.

in EP i wake-up to kings again - K K specifically. with the blinds at 40/80 i pop it to 4xBB, or 320. the guy in 5th position min raises to 640. the table big stack thinks and finally goes all-in.

now, i am not a pro; i am just not good enough to laydown kings pre-flop. plus i trust Alspach and page 241 of Harrington Vol 1. i go all-in; MP goes all-in too. table big stack has us both covered.

KK vs. QQ vs. AK

i am pretty excited. just gotta avoid an ace! nobody is suited so that looks good.

flop is all cards below 10 - and all hearts. i have the king of hearts. table big stack has the ace of hearts.

wanna guess the suit of the turn card?

btw - in case your wondering, how did the table big stack get all his chips prior to this "super" play? he went all in with middle set and an ace on the board, after calling an opening raise of 4xBB. so it was his set of 9s vs. a set of aces on the flop and they are all-in. he sucks out by rivering a 9 and becoming the table big stack. if ummmRaise wins the trip to the Borgata, i am quitting poker.


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LOL. I love your story. I am ummmRaise. So did you quit poker yet? I went to the borgata and finished 75th out of 515 players.

I also went to the 2004 WSOP Main Event (pokerstars). My monthly poker income averages 3k a month. When I mean average I take into account all the losing months (which there was 1 so far). Maybe I have a lot to learn.

I am ummmRaise said @ 10/05/2005 12:57 PM CST

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