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09/12/2005: "you can't always get what you want"

i have some guilty little pleasures...


1. Go Fug Yourself: Bef' hipped me to this and i am glad she did. i get at least one good LOL a day from the girls at Fug. need an example?

2. Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations: Rob introduced me to Bourdain by loaning me his book Kitchen Confidential, which is a damn good read. this show is pretty good too. i really enjoyed the epsisode on Vietnam.

3. The Macallan 15 Year-Old Fine Oak: i used to publically wonder how Scooter could drink scotch. i mean, we were 21 (ahem!)...who's taste is refined for scotch at such an age? well, mine finally is and this is the shiet.

4. Scrubs: one of the few major network televisions shows that i watch regularly. the first season DVD is all that i ever wanted from this show.

5. rap/hip-hop: i know, i am 35, white...not exactly a prime example of the urban listener. but ever since Run DMC (circa 1985), N.W.A. (circa 1988), Tribe Called Quest (circa 1989), etc i haven't been able to stay away. currently enjoying new stuff from Kanye West, Missy Elliot, and Wyclef Jean.

6. Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story: one of my all time favorite cigars. while i have found others i like as much, i have found none that i like more

7. Nike Air Max 95 running shoes: i know that most women consider men who wear mostly 'sneakers' as mundane; i don't give a shiet. these are some of the best shoes ever made. i own 2 vintage pairs, a new pair from Vietnam, and a re-issue from Nike. that's right, 4 pair. stfu.

8. Sony PSP: now that they have updated the firmware to allow me to play AAC files, i finally have a single unit entertainment device. can't wait for Stacked to come out....

9. sushi: we eat it at least once a week. i could/would eat it every day if allowed.


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OK, I'm not happy you didn't link back to my site!

Nice list.

One of the reasons I married my wife was because she not only ordered her scotch right, she ordered the right scotch.

Have you noticed that they (Fox) has turned the book (K.C.)into a series? I will give it a shot. I doubt that it will have A.B's full on FU attitude, but, maybe it will still be entertaining.

I love that guy. Did you see it when he was in Paris? That guy in the cafe "not evaaan Americaaaans still weer coubui butez."

Right on with the Scrubs. Can't wait to try a Short Story.

Don't know if I would call Rap/HH a GP for me, but I feel you. I was listening to all the same stuff "back in the day." In fact, my cousin (who is almost ten years to the day younger than me) started getting into rap. So, I thought, well, I had better make sure he at leasts hears the real deal. So, I bought him a started collection.

Yeah, I'm sure the three years he spent in the pen where just a coinkydink.

Nike & PSP: um, I have to channel more of my resources toward the day I have to be put into a home and have to pay someone to look in on me since I don't have any kids. I mean, my JRT is pretty damn sharp, but no way he's living that long.

Oh, yeah, Hey, did you read in Wired about Bots taking over online poker? If nothing else, you get to read/watch this guy's lame azz rationalization for creating/selling/pimping his cheatware.

Its like Goldberg said, sex is good, but have you ever tried to make a week without at least one juicy rationalization?

Brokensword said @ 09/15/2005 06:06 PM CST

fixed the link!

bcd said @ 09/16/2005 10:51 AM CST

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