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10/02/2005: "i got better"

well, we returned to Houston on Thursday afternoon, after turning our evacuation into an impromptu vacation...and what a vacation it was.

after spending 11 hours in a car with 7 dogs and 2 cats, we finally reached Lake Whitney. btw - Lake Whitney is about a 3.5 hour drive! the cabin at the lake was nice, actually larger than we expected, but still small: 1 bedroom with 2 queen-size beds, a living space that expanded into the kitchen which expanded into another bed area with another queen-sized bed; two bathrooms, neither very large. still - better than being in Missouri City without power!

we spent some time in Waco, visiting old haunts and drinking ourselves silly. we did hit-up Scruffy's as well as Crickets. same town, nothing changes but the faces.

after watching the news and seeing the plan for re-occupying the city, we decided to wait to return till at least Thursday, so we called our favorite spot in Fredericksberg and set out on Sunday. it was a much better fit with a two-story house and full fenced yard. plus, all the brew pubs you could ever want!

we found new drinking holes in Fredericksberg and of course my wife managed to make friends with any and all at the bar, and i do mean any and all; to wit, we spent some time talking and drinking with a 35 yr old Aryan recently released from Texas Dept Corrections in Huntsville. he was about 6'4" 265lbs and had full Norse/Aryan jailhouse tattoos all-over, including his entire back, which he called his "tombstone". i think he was partly impressed that both Dar and i have a decent understanding of prision life and the Aryan movement - ah, TV, we thank thee. he was a nice guy, but don't let that disguise the fact that he spent from his 19th birthday till his 34th birthday in prision; initially jailed on aggravatted robbery charges, he increased his stay by "revenge killing" two members of the Crips while inside. it was an interesting conversation to say the least.

we managed to find a bar on Wednesdays that ran "rake free" poker with bar tabs as prizes. in the first round i came in second without even trying. in the second match i got it all in pre-flop, my aces versus wired tens. we both flopped a set and the tens made quads on the river. ISYN. still fun.

other than that one night, i didn't even read any poker related products while on vacation, much less play. i did finish several books, this one which both my wife and i highly enjoyed.

had to work a full day on Saturday and next week will be a full week back to the grind.

bought the WSOP for my PSP today. it's ok, about what you would expect from a video game. i expected better graphics and sounds - that part is pretty canned. i am playing the career tournament mode, so i'll see if i like it any better as i go.

lastly, our Astros clinched with Wild Card...guess i should be excited but all i can think is that we don't stand a chance in the playoffs. but, better than nothing i guess.


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First, can I tell you that sobriety sux-azz! Can't stand not drinking beer no mo'. I watched this guy (Alton Brown) brew his own beer the other day. Never got to do that. The whole mircobrewery thing BLEW up about twenty minutes after I quit drinking.

There was a time when I believed that beer was proof of God's love. Now, I'm sure its proof of his never ending apathy.

Ok, on to the rest of your blog: Um, wow!

Don't know what else to say about your confab with the ex-con. Amazing. Would love to drink a beer and talk about...crap!

Glad you're back in town.


Brokensword said @ 10/03/2005 09:32 AM CST

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