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10/04/2005: "don't hate the player nigga, hate the game"

as i briefly mentioned before, i picked up Activision's World Series of Poker for the PSP. since it combines two of my past/current addictions (gaming/poker), i am of course drawn to it like a Republican to Sunday morning services, i.e. it is a compulsion. that said, i have only dabbled with the single player game. after the jump some observations, plus some interesting tidbits.


let's start with the good:
* variety in games: mimics the WSOP with various games spread, including stud, razz, omaha, and both limit and no-limit hold'em. quite a swath of games for anyone to enjoy and certainly more than i am getting from my copy of Poker Academy.

* variety in events: various tournament buy-ins, plus "invitational events"; playing in the initial "Hollywood Invitational" i was seated nine-handed with the likes of Men Ngyuen, Jesus Fergusion, Scott Fischman and Thunder Keller. heady crowd.

* "collector's chips": these are awarded for such achivements as busting out a state champion or reigning pro or for showing down a particular hand; i have already crossed quads off my list!

* customizable characters: for those so inclined, you can edit your character, chossing clothes, hair, voices and even types of headphones you want your avatar to have.

and the bad:
* poor animation, poor graphics: this thing looks like it belongs on a Dreamcast. plus, the character animation is horrible. if i ever see someone act this way in a tournament for winning a simple hand, to borrow a phrase from Smokey, i'll knock them the fsck out.

* game speed: if you leave the default play speed on normal, the games are S L O W. choosing medium or fast elminates the wait (and eliminates much of the crappy animation.)

* canned character comments are lame: i don't want to hear "strap on your seatbelts, you're not going to believe this hand" ever again, esp everytime i put some poor schulb all-in.

* announcers: Lon McEachern without Norman Chad? if you think one is annoying, just imagine only having Lon with some programmers idea of a Norman Chad replacement. terrible made worse.

and the ugly? (actually, these are things that are just kinda there...neither hot nor cold):
* the AI: so far i would say it seems fishier than Poker Academy. watching Jesus and Fischman play poor hands poorly makes me wonder who did their AI....

and the interesting tidbits? i have yet to play multiplayer, but already i have heard of real gambling going on using the virtual tables that this games allows. how? as mentioned before, i know a few pro football players; i actually know them more from poker than anything else. well, the latest & greatest in-flight/in-hotel distraction is playing multiplayer tournaments using the WiFi. the catch, they are playing for cold, hard cash! to me, this sounds great - no dealers to worry about, no chips to keep up with, no blinds or antes to follow, just let the game run the show so you and your boys can gambooool it up. i've had first-hand reports that the WiFi will in fact reach pretty far on the team plane. those football players can be pretty smart! wonder how long it will take for this to reach college campuses?

anyway, GameRankings.com list the PSP version as having one review, with IGN giving it a 3.3 out of 10. i can see that. i think if you have a crew to play with using the WiFi, then it might go above a 5, similar to the Xbox and PS ratings. at least we still have Stacked to look forward too!

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well, it didn't take too long...i won my first WSOP bracelet in Event #11 NLHE $5K buy-in. netted me $517,500. i finally beat Scott Fischman heads-up in about 20 hands.

so far here are my finishes:

Event #1 - Super Satellite - 239th
Event #7 - $1500 NLHE - 487th
Event #8 - $2000 NLHE - 73rd for $5800
Event #9 - $2500 NLHE - 419th
Event #10 - $3000 NLHE - 14th for $21600
Event #11 - $5000 NLHE - 1st for $517500

wish the real events were this easy....

bcd said @ 10/04/2005 06:17 PM CST

You know what I love? Having to read this damn website to see what the heck you're up to? So very sad.

My fault, of course, but still...

David said @ 10/05/2005 07:40 PM CST

i think what is sadder is that my life is composed of:

1) sleep
2) work
3) poker

lather, rinse, repeat.

of course, you guys could move to Sienna....c'mon, all the cool kids are doing it.


bcd said @ 10/06/2005 08:07 AM CST

Your title IS MY THEME- It should really be credited to me and not too short.

Wish I had a dog for you to groom.


Nique said @ 10/07/2005 11:52 AM CST

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