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10/06/2005: "we may lose and we may win"

well, Sept. is in the rearview mirror, October is well underway...let's review some poker stats!


* 72 sessions

* 39 winning sessions (54.17%)

* 4501 hands

* 72.38 hours of play

* $367.45 profit

* $6.22/hr profit

* .10 bb won/hand

Sept was a tough month for me. it seemed to be going along well and then i had 6 sessions in the $2/$4 where i just stunk it up. in those sessions i lost $1250.70! every other session and level i played i was profitable.

after taking those loses, i went back down to $1/$2, spent some time with Poker Tracker and the irreplaceable Poker Tracker Guide, and got my learn on. i made $972.85 in profit in those games.

that said, i took some sage advice from HDouble and began all my sessions by analyzing my previous sessions play, particularly looking at cold-calling and going to the showdown and losing. i also spent a good bit of time looking at my play with A2 through A9, both suited and unsuited. these analyses alone moved me back into the black for September. kind thanks to HDouble and Iggy for their keen insight (and to the creator of Poker Tracker, greatest hand history database software on the market.)

so i went into October feeling better about my play, esp. since i was able to eek out a profit in what was a bad looking month of September. i decided i would get back on the horse and hit the $2/$4. so far for October i am up $342.15. great, huh? uh, no.

in the month of October i have already had 8 hands where i have given up $928.45! those 8 hands? KK(2x), AKs(5x), and QQ(1x). i have replayed these hands several times and they are still hard to watch. i still have a lot to learn. a lot.

that said, this weekend is tourney weekend! i have an FTP freeroll, an FTP WSOPC tourney, and the Cardplayer freeroll all happening. we'll see if i have learned much of anything....

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