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10/25/2005: "we’ve passed our prime in record time"

in 14 year old chat speak: i r teh suk.

in homage to The Blogfather, behold, my über post.


Sunday was tourney day and i sucked it up!

kind thanks go to Poker Stars for throwing its inaugural Poker Bloggers tourney. after playing tight-loose/aggressive-passive (where i laid down some strong draws) i finished 1247th out of 1473. yuk! kudos to beckysgarden who i am pretty sure bluffed me out of two pots (for T1625) and then finished me off when i tilted and went all-in pre-flop with 4-4 (for T935). i bet she was sad to see me leave. of course, her eventual finish in 1037th place doesn't make me feel strong about her truthfulness in those pots i laid down.

i decided to get the bitter tourney taste out of my mouth by dutifully rinising with some $1/$2 at Full Tilt. fast forward about 2 hours and i am up over 3 hundy - nice! so of course now that i have made some money, what do i do? that's right, another -EV tourney for me!

in all honesty, i wanted to take a shot at the $200K Guarantee on Full Tilt and figured since i was up a little bit for the day, i could afford the spend the $216 entry. normally i would super-satellite into something like this, but i have been off the tournament beaten path for about two months and this was kinda spur of the moment.

1215 entrants saw the shuffle up and deal. i actually was fairly pleased with my play. i was conservative, tight, and selectively aggressive. i won a few good pots where i got my money in with the best of it and my hands held-up. alas, i ended up 369th, which paid out nada. but i did finish ahead of such notable pros as:
531st - John Juanda
574th - Paul Wolfe
733rd - Howard Lederer
840th - Aaron Bartley
1214th - Rafe Furst

unfortuately, this list of pros finished ahead of me:
194th - Allen Cunningham
210th - Toto Leonidas
245th - Steve Brecher
247th - David Singer
279th - Eric Seidel
352nd - Quiet Lion (Richard Brodie)

i am still having issues being aggressive enough to build a stack prior to the beginning of the antes. while i am earnestly beginning to defend my blinds and use the button, cutoff, and cutoff+1 as "always raising in unraised pot" positions, i think i am still being too careful. i could be wrong and maybe i am playing OK, but i am certainly not happy with my results. i've a lot to learn, fo' sure.

in other news, Oddjack had a link to this story. i am pretty drawn to stuff like this, mostly for personal reasons. my family is from Georgia, which i attribute as being one of the birth places of racism and the white supremacy movements in the U.S. it doesn't help that while growing up i spent years 6-12 with my mom, who i would classify as a racist. no, she's not the cross burning, trailer park living, jack-booted, David Duke supporting racist, but all the same, African Americans are often referred to as "niggers" and she can spew hate with the best of them. not a good thing to grow up with and it's tough having that background burned into you. of course, my Dad re-entered christianity when i was around 10 and from that point forward my life in his house was pretty anti-racist. guess God-fearers are good for something. anyway, i am pretty disgusted by racism and the whole white supremacy movement, but in truth i am equally disgusted by the seperatist movement that has taken hold in the African American community. what seperatist movement? the whole "keeping black money in the black community", "remuneration for slavery", etc. honestly, i really think the only hope for humanity is the eventual blending of races. once everyone is sufficiently a darker shade of white and a lighter shade of black, we might all be able to stop hating and killing each other. when's that going to happen? well, i certainly won't be alive and heck, the earth might get tired of us as a species and off our existence prior to it happening...i mean, it is already Earth+Plastic!

anyway, i digress. so i did a little research on Lamb and Lynx Gaede. hit their website, downloaded their video, etc. at first, reading the ABC story, i was worried. while i have been aware of white supremist music for awhile (a la Resistance Records) i was not too fazed b/c at least it was a type of music that pretty much was not going to be mainstream (bad hardcore music is not going to make Best Buy.) but when ABC typified these little Aryans as "the Olsen Twins", i took notice. not because i like the Olsen Twins, but because they do seem to be pretty mainstream and at least in the pet rock sense, are/were popular. but, after watching the Gaede's "music video" i think we can all rest easy; the chance of 8-13 year old girls being attracted to this crap is slim and nil. now, the chance of racist pedophiles (or even just pedophiles) being attracted to this....

and that is kinda typical of the news establishment. these little racists-in-training, who are sad and abused (mentally), don't really threaten much. but of course, seeing two blond haired, blue eyed all-American looking girls who espouse "white nationalism", well that generates hits. must be covered. must. and like a lemming, i ran with along it.

in other emotionally disturbing news, my Astros have really been sucking it up. Sunday's game was almost more than i could bear. Sugar Land just got a BJ's Brewhouse, so we spent the whole game, belly to the bar, eating and drinking. by the end, not only was i hammered, but so were the Astros. well played, sir, well played. if there is one thing i hate more than anything in baseball, and as an aside i have seen this at least TWICE in the last two years from the Astros, it is relief pitchers coming in for first-pitch, walk-off homeruns. wtf?! i mean, do you really need to groove one for your first pitch? and to have the homerun be from Podsednik? R U FSCKING KIDDING? arrrgh. soul crushing would be the definition of that feat.

in the "How's Work" department: floating to the surface are plans that i might return to the workforce in roughly 18 months. doing what? umm, no clue. certainly won't be coding, if i can help it. while i have no desire to go back on the corporate teat, the reality is that the fringe benefits (health/dental/401K) are pretty much necessary. self-employment just doesn't provide those things and while you can Russian roulette with health care for a bit, eventually you are going to find the chamber with the bullet. i knock on wood for our continuing luck. so it is entirely possible that i will be back to commuting and sucking the corporate dick at some point in the next year and a half. at least i will not have to try and make what i used to make. my guess is that if i can find some meagerly satisfying job that pays roughly $40K plus benefits, then i will be fine. the one bright spot is that a job paying so little might afford me time to go to law school or get my MBA, which are still desires. so who knows.

do i seem a little wishy-washy? i turned 36 today. birfdays always make me a little maudlin. not to mention, 36 is offically half of my projected lifespan. pretty amazing that i made it this far!

in the book department, i finished The Tender Bar. Joe Speaker was right, it is damn good. it also, in typical Fluoxetine-fashion, it made me cry at the end; i am such a wuss. i am following that book up with Dry by Augusten Burroughs. this book is about Burroughs' out-of-control alcoholism and his rehab. yes, out-of-control alcoholism to differentiate it from my own completely-under-control variation. both books are good and kinda opposite, no? strange coincidence. i am also paging through Phil Gordon's Little Green Book. so far con mucho gusto tambien. Sept and October have been nice; they have provided a little respite from the harried insanity of 100% bookings at the shop and i have made some headway in my book list. while i like money, i am kinda dreading Nov and Dec. c'est la vie! (Spanish and French in one paragraph - i am so Benetton.)

i spent a good portion of last week getting Kailee all set-up at home. he's got three weeks of basic bedrest/couch time, so i suggested a wireless network and new laptop. he seemed pretty pleased when i got it all set-up and he could check email, surf the web, take some online courses, and download audio books. gotta feel for the guy. he seems somewhat OK, but i think he is coming to the conclusion that this could be career ending, which prior to this season i think he would have been OK with, but with a new contract and making defensive captain, he was really beginning to enjoy "work". yesterday was the first time they changed his dressings after the surgery and he got a good look at his knee; Marissa said he was despondent for the rest of the day. the incisions are pretty big and it does look kinda Frankenstein-ish. and to think that in about 2 months he's got the whole ACL surgery to complete too. while financially this injury makes no difference to them, i think for any pro athlete, the end of a career is tough. heck, the end of a career is tough for regular joes too! i'll probably watch the game over there tonight again (we did it up right at his place on Sat) and hopefully that will allow him a chance to voice his concerns. one thing about guys - we internalize a lot.

a funny aside: Kailee and i always talk about law school and MBAs. he's got an econ degree from Stanford and i would estimate a lot brighter than i am. i keep pushing him to stay in Houston and go to Rice, on the off chance i win the lottery and too end up there. so post knee surgery he tells me that now we have time to go and we need to schedule our GMATs. heh. news flash: i do not have $90K+ for an MBA...not right now. :-X still kinda funny. money just isn't something he thinks of in that way. don't get me wrong, he is a miser, but dropping big coin on something he wants - no biggie. i should have stuck with football in high school. not enough slow, fat, white boys in the NFL. i run the 40 in 8, maybe 9. that good? hee!

i bought a pretty cool Japanese game for the PSP: Bleach: Heat The Soul. it is very Street Fighterish and has that anime, cell-shaded look. so far i am enjoying it. since it is in all Japanese, a good game FAQ is necessary.

well, i am running out of steam. never knew how much work Iggy put into those über posts. i need to do some training....


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my Dad stopped by today to wish me a happy birfday and i got to bounce all the shop news/concerns/plans off him. i can't even explain how lucky i am to have him as a dad; he is great at listening and i truly respect his advice...wish i had realized all that when i was, like, i dunno, 21?!?!

anyway, in typical dad fashion, he offered to front my Rice MBA money. nice guy. of course, 36 year old men do not take $90K from their dads.

i still have the lottery!

bcd said @ 10/25/2005 06:33 PM CST

Um, how about 40 y.o.m. taking 90K from a friend's dad? Is that no good?

I don't know the rules! My dad left after coming home from the war and my Mom played catch by catching AND throwing with the same hand. So, you know, I'm stunted like that...

Brokensword said @ 10/26/2005 01:51 PM CST

Um, in my head, that's funny stuff, right there...

Brokensword said @ 10/26/2005 01:51 PM CST

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