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10/27/2005: "wasted days and wasted night"

played live both Tuesday and Wednesday: $5/$5 on Wed, where i made some great reads and had a tremendous suckout to break even and $6/$6 on Tuesday, where i continued my Reading is for Winners program and ended up $430. i also had two giant hands that paid out a total of $25 or so.

so what do you say to your opponent when you suckout?


the guy in the 8 seat is pretty unknown to me. he doesn't seem very strong and is playing rather loose and selectively aggressive. he has shown down a few winners but nothing has clued me in on his ability. i am on the button and it is limped around to me with 4-5 callers in the pot. i raise and put in $25 - a pretty standard raise amount in this game. the only caller is the guy in the 8 seat and i have position on him.

i have been trying to focus on always raising from the button, cutoff and cutoff+1 if the pot is limped to me. i shouldn't say always, but certainly 60-70% of the time, regardless of my hands. for me this is tough to do - it's hard for me to put money in play when i don't think i have good cards, esp. when it is very likely that i am going to have to put a continuation bet in on the flop. in this instance i have 4 5 and feel a little better that at least i have "suited connectors".

the flop comes out A 3 5. i've got middle pair, flush draw, straight draw (and straight flush draw!) seat 8 checks to me so i bet; usually i would make the standard continuation bet for about 50% of the pot, but in this instance i want to represent that i hit the ace, which i think will be believable with my pre-flop raise. i pot it. seat 8 thinks a little and calls and there is $225 or so in play.

his call has given me some concerns. i am thinking that i could be facing A-x, even possible that he has A-5, but i would assume to call the pre-flop raise he would be more inclined to hold A-8 through A-10 b/c the way i play i am folding A-3 and A-5 to a preflop raise. and of course, this guy could have A-A or any variation of pocket pairs, including 3-3 and 5-5 to make a set. i really have a big range of hands on him and i am uneasy.

the turn comes out a red 4. i have two pair, but now besides all those other hands, it is possible that seat 8 has 6-7, making my draw to the straight kaput. i figure here i'll put in an even $100 in the $225 pot and if he calls then i am done with the hand and will have to check it down on the river or fold. i know that sounds weak and it probably is, but at that point a smooth call will tell me that i am way behind on a very coordinated board.

seat 8 calls my $100 with little pause. i don't have any tells on him, so i have no clue as to where i am at.

the river comes the miracle 2. i have missed my straight flush, but have hit the straight. no flush on board, no pairs on board, so the straight must be the nuts. he checks to me. now, i am at least thinking clearly enough to recognize that the 2-6 straight is out there. and i am thinking, a bet here, even a value bet will only be called if he has me beat, so i check.

he turns over the 5-6, for the nut straight, topping my wheel.

it was a nice hand. i have probably donk'ed it some (i haven't run the actual math on the pot odds, etc) but i figure it happens. no worries, about 1/3 of my stack is gone, but nothing crushing.

fast forward about 3 hours. it is getting late and of course, as usual, people have loosened up to try to "get even". in response, i have tightened up a little and haven't been playing a ton of hands. finally a reasonable hand: i land J-J in EP and make what has become the standard raise to $25. i get a caller or two and it gets to the previously mentioned seat 8. he checks his cards, scans the table, thinks and announces, "all-in." this seems to spur the action and it folds quickly to the big blind, who has about $100 in front of him and has been playing poorly for at least the last hour. i can see the wheels turning in his head and he is thinking "suck out", "get lucky", and/or "double up." i almost can see the ballons with text in them hovering above his head! he, too, goes all-in and the action is back on me. well, shit. i've got about $200 in front of me (from a $500 buy-in) and i am thinking i could be beat or luckily facing A-K. heck, i could be facing suited connectors! so i make the play that i think most people make, i go all-in, figuring if i lose i can finally leave and write off the whole buy-in instead of a measly $300. sad thought process, but true.

seat 8 turns over K-K. i have J-J and the button has 5-6suited (IIRC .) ouch. i am roughly a 4-1 dog to the kings, maybe a little less due to the other all-in. what a time to run into kings. i pick-up my lighter, stand-up, and grab my new FTP fleece (!) off the back of my chair - i am about to go Elvis on this joint. the flop comes out Q-J-x. i flop a set. wow! and yet, talk about a tough flop for my set. i am chanting no king, no ace-ten runner-runner over and over in my head. the turn and river are bricks and it is official: i have sucked out!

so what do you say here? i am not the DanDruff-type player, so there is no shouting or celebrating. and while i do feel badly for the guy, i really hate the disingenuous "sorry" that so many people say. i mean, i am not sorry, i just got even in one hand!

top 5 suck out "apologies":
5. you go all-in with that?
4. if it wasn't for luck, i guess i'd lose more of these.
3. jesus loves me more.
2. do you know who i am?
1. nice hand, sir. tough beat.

i tend to go with #1, but i still had a hard time looking the guy in the eyes for the rest of the night. it was a salty flop for sure.

did i mention my big laydowns? i did laid down middle set to top set on the flop, when my raise was re-raised and i had the person covered. i also laid down Q-Q to K-K on an empty board. not sure that makes me anything special, but i avoided going broke on either hand and for that i think i am showing some growth. i am in the crawling stage, i think. potty trainning is next!

Wed was $6/$6 and i made the big money! well, at least $10 of it came when i flopped a royal flush (my second in about 25K hands) and another $15 or so when i flopped a wheel straight flush. how's that for not getting paid off on big hands. btw, the board on the royal had paired the kings...i was so hoping for someone to make trips or a full house. alas, no soup for me!

so i have had about 6 hours of sleep in the last 48 and i am fully planning to goto bed immediately when i get home this evening. and while i didn't make much money for the lost REM cycles, i did have fun. it is about fun, right?

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