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10/29/2005: "lies, damn lies, and poker"

you damn bloggers you! ruining the world with your rants and crusades....

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Forbes is going to press, with the screaming cover "Attack of the Blogs" by Daniel Lyons (use BugMeNot for free entry)

while i agree with Lyons that the wild, wild west mentality is still prevalent on the web and i certainly can see the point that blogs can and are being used as a new tool for slander & muck-raking, i think to paint the entire community with that brush is a bit rash. further, there is a great many blogs that also work to level the playing field and disseminate information that in the 20th century world would have probably gone lost. it bothers me that the article only screams with the negative and none of the positive. guess we all know, negative sells.

moving forward, i think finding the balance between both extremes is the key; the last thing i want to see is the usual knee-jerk reaction from both sides in attempts to protect or condemn blogging.

interesting sidebar, Will Wheaton weighs in on the new communication media and the benefits he sees in it. Forbes even linked up Penny Arcade for a little blogging humor.

i promised some poker....played a little $1/$2 last night after re-depositing some more dough on FTP. ended up $108 for almost 100 hands of play. not bad. i made it a point to keep the TV off and to only multi with two tables. i also successfully avoided any suckouts, but did manage to have my aces cracked on the river in a super-satellite to the next $200K Guarantee. part of poker for sure.

hopefully i will get to goto Northside tomorrow for th Sunday tourney. they have revamped the set-up and i am very excited: 20 min rounds, $100 freezeout, 100K in chips, blinds do the half escalation (10/20, 15/30, 20/40, etc). finally it might be more than an all-in crapshoot!

in other news, this Sat night is every alcoholics dream: daylight savings time and we "fall" back! that's right, a whole extra hour of drinking! tip your bartenders accordingly....

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played $2/$4NL at FTP on Sat night & Sun. have run my redeposit up +558.11 over the course of this weekend.

also, ran all over a $24+2 super-satellite to FTP's $50K tourney this Sat. how bad did i squash it? i busted 3 people on one hand to send us to the final table, where i had 3x the next guys chip stack. i then hung around until we made the bubble and i busted the chip leader to go up by a 5x chip lead. and that's all she wrote! (note to self: i did suck out on two key hands; they were not stack threatening to me, but i was pushing to make the small stacks play for their tourney life.)

i think keeping the TV off has helped. also only playing 2 tables at a time has made a difference. hopefully in the future this will hold true!

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