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11/01/2005: "a nudge is good as a wink to a blind bat, eh, eh...."

sometimes i feel like i need a nudge....

monthly totals for October to follow!


i don't have my PT DB with me at the shop, but i did run the hard numbers last night prior to hitting the hay. October was a down month - about $200. without the hard facts, IIRC, that is my first losing month since returning from New Orleans and the WSOPC event. it is also my first losing month since rekindling my ring game flavor for a pringle, roughly since Aug.

so what's $200? and where did it go? and why?

well, Poker Stars did a re-deposit bonus, so i anted up for the full $600, taking the profit cream out of my FTP account. i then proceeded to play one drunk session, dropping about $300 and one LAG session, dropping another $400. so $600 + $100 profit shot. smart move. i still plan on re-hitting PS for the remainder of my deposit bonus. i am about 1/2 way through and i have every expectation of being profitable there. every expectation.

FTP treated me like the gimp that i am, turning me out and making me work for it. after crushing all my profit and my initial $400 deposit, i had to re-deposit $300 to keep playing. smart. how did i blow my FTP bankroll? without seeing PT, IIRC, i played shittily about 90% of the time, failing to let go of big hands (AA - JJ) when i had every reason to think i was beat, and instead pushing ahead, sometimes with the lazy man's hammer: "all-in".

about 2/3 of the way through the month, i changed gears (mentally) and turned it around. i rolled my $300 re-deposit up to over $850, thus erasing a good portion of my losses. i even spent a little on a super-satellite for the $50K Guarantee.

last night, post trick-or-treaters, i logged into FTP for a little ring action. there was only one 2.4NL table running and it had 5-6 waiting. yuk! i multi-tabled two 1.2NL games for a brief period and did a search to see where some of the usual suspects were playing. i recognized some names on the lone 3.6NL table and decided to buy-in. this is abnormal for me for at least one major reason: i do not like to play limits where i don't have 2 full buy-ins available. at the 3.6NL it would be $1200 and all i had in my FTP account was $800. nonetheless, i decide to play outside my comfort zone and take a shot.

very first hand i get KJo in the BB. this is a folding hand for me, unless i am checked to or unless it is just blind v. blind. oddly, about 4 people limp in and it is checked to me. what the heck, free flop. flop comes out A-K J. hmmm, i am 2nd to act, i have bottom two pair, four-to-the-flush is on the board and possible broadway. wow, pretty ugly. SB checks and i decide to check the wind, pushing in a 1/3 pot-sized opening bet. here's my thinking on this, let me know where i am wrong/right/dumb/smart: one, by betting, i am at least showing i have something working with the flop. those who missed it and have no draw are going to fold. for those who call, they either hit the ace with shit-kicker or want a free card for their flush draw. no reason over-betting here with a pot-sized or greater bet, since i will feel much better taking a card off and hoping it is non-heart. two, i assume in this situtation that anyone with the broadway straight is raising to drive out the flush draws; ditto for anyone holding A-J (unless it is A J - then i am fuxored, since they would have top two and nut flush draw.) so i put a little in and hope to take a card off. thankfully, all but the button fold. the turn is a worthless card, neither pairing the board, nor helping the flush or straight draws. now, with one card left and an inkling that my two pair is good, i pot it. the button smooth calls. i assume he is on the flush draw, but you never know; i could be facing some sort of advance play or maybe he has the straight or top two already. river also bricks, with an off-suit 8. i check and thankfully the button does also. and then i lose. to what? A 8. he was in fact on the flush draw and rivered one of his outs.

so that's my first hand. nice. anyway, i play for about a 90 min and end up about $50-$60. i had told myself i would quit regardless of outcome at midnight and it was about 11:45PM, so i packed it in.

i may start playing the 3.6NL tables. i don't think i have fully mastered the 2.4NL, but i think playing occassionally above my usual zone will help me in the long run.

anywho - i'll comment the real figures for October this evening.


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October stats:

Full Tilt
5565 hands
80 sessions
90.10 hours of play
Amount Won = $499.70
BB/100 Hands = $0.69

Poker Stars
638 hands
12 sessions
11.45 hours
Amount Won = - $712.40
BB/100 Hands = - $29.83

god that's awful....

bcd said @ 11/01/2005 09:51 PM CST

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