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11/08/2005: "hustle from the beginning of January til the end of December"

not really up to a post today (still battling this flu/cold crap), but i want to get these results out so that i can get past them and continue on.

i have been working on my tournament game for the last couple of weeks, playing in a few of the $24+2 super satellites on Full Tilt. i made it into the $50K Guarantee that played this last Sunday and i also qualified for the October $15K Top Points Freeroll, which played on the same day. closing out this little run, last night i suited up and played in the $12K Guarantee.

lots of tournament action, hit the jump for the results!


i have decided to start playing a lot more aggressively, pushing with marginal hands on the flop, making sure to use continuation bets to their fullest and having no fear that i can take a pot on the turn or river with the right bet, not necessarily the right cards. i'll be honest, this has required me to pay more attention to the play at hand and it is much more mentally draining than i have previously noticed.

first up was the $15K Freeroll on Sunday. 500 of FTP's second most active players in the month of October logged-in to battle for some sweet, free cash. during this whole tournament, i can honestly say that i did not once put a bad beat on a single player. i got my money in with the best of it each time and usually it held up - that's pretty lucky! i ended up amassing a decent amount of chips, which allowed me to pick my spots as we got down to the bubble hands. one mistake i made was making a promise to "make the final table", which in hindsight mentally crippled me. when we got down to bubbling for the final 9 i played much more conservative than i had all night and i gave up some chips i think i could have hustled for. all in all i was proud of my play and i accomplished my goal: 9th of 500 for a free $255. woot!

unfortunatly, the $50K Guarantee started about the time i was sweating making the final table in the above mentioned Freeroll. this meant i wasn't really paying close attention to the $50K Guarantee, which obviously had a better payout. by the time i had busted out of the $15K Freeroll i was in about the middle of the pack. i began earnestly looking for spots to make moves and began to take notice of the table and the players. unfortunately, i felt very drained after the $15K Freeroll. i was having a hard time concentrating and even though there was a lot of money on the table, i was kinda disinterested. i think it speaks volumes for the pros who can endure table after table, day after day. ain't easy, i am sure. i ended up busting out 135th out of 291 when i made a move and got caught: two pair vs. my one pair on an uncoordinated board. them's the breaks.

last night, despite feeling like warmed-over ass, i decided to nut up and play in the $12K Guarantee. there was no overlay or anything, but i was antsy to try my hand at another run of selective aggression. i also vowed to play for first or nothing - no prisioners. i will spare you the hand histories and drivel that only i care about, but i ended up 4th out of 630, good for $1323. in all honesty, i played some damn good poker; i was relaxed, chatty, aggressive, and my reads were pretty well on. i'm disappointed that my chip lead going into the final table didn't hold up, but overall i think i am making some progress in my game. i hope to be able to duplicate this style as i move forward.


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