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11/12/2005: "none of them along the line know what any of it is worth"

when i started this humble blog, lo many months ago, i used it as a personal sounding board, where i often spewed venom & vitriol on current events. then i quit the corporate world; i stopped getting the Wall Street Journal, quit watching CNBC on a daily basis and basically dropped out - and the hate, while still welled-up inside like molton lava, subsided a bit. Pompeii spared! later on i found poker, which consumes a good portion of my thoughts and keeps me from going on a murderous rampage across Texas.

well, today let's begin again, Finnigan!

let's get the most important out of the way first: i am deeply saddened by the passing of Peter Drucker. i came a little late to his business party revolution, basically discovering his books when in business school in 1997, but after reading him i was excited by his ideas and theories. it's also disheartening that no one has stepped forward to fill the void of his expertise and accumen. wherefor art thou, new Drucker for the 21st century?!

how about ol' Sony?! congrats to them for leaving end-users with gaping security holes and all because Sony wanted a little copy-protection. hope they get sued silly. morons. so what CDs are causing the issues? FWIW, if you bought any of these CDs, particularly Celine Dion, then you get what you deserve with the malware. heh - that's a little harsh, but c'mon, pretty true!

i've never shied away from showing my contempt for Wal-mart. well, they are in the news again (or should i say, still in the news; poor Wal-mart is as besieged as the Bush administration!) first, the idiots at Wal-mart do the right thing and change their greeters' chorus of "Merry Christmas" to "Happy Holidays." good for them - not every cheap bastard who shops at Wal-mart is a white, anglo-saxon, protestant. heck, most in our little corner of suburbia are Indian, Pakistani, and various other shades of ethnic (the great, white flight somewhere in the mid to late 90s changed into the exodus of the rising middle class, who in Houston are most often non-white, one of the few things i like about our slice of suburbia - it's a very culturally mixed landscape.) anyway, of course, some goose-stepping christian took offense to the change and complained. enter "Kirby," sacrifical scape-goat for the corporate monolith. while spouting off some questionable BS, he did hit the nail on the head in his explaination. unfortunately, the child molestors over at the Catholic League took offense and called in the dogs. Wal-mart's corporate response? fire Kirby and back peddle, back peddle, back peddle. so fscking sad!

also in keeping with my anti Wal-mart theme, the new Wal-mart documentary, WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price, comes out on Tuesday. let the media maelstrom begin!

and seriously folks, if you still are shopping at Wal-mart, for pete's sake, stop. S T O P !! i know, they are cheap and huge and big box and open late, etc, yada, yada, bing! but damn, they espouse everything that is wrong in the corporatization of America and is saving $3.72 each shopping trip really worth it? really? i give up....

if you are not getting your daily duo of comedic goodness, then you must not be watching The Daily Show back-to-back with The Colbert Report. best shiet on TV, hands down.

can't have a post without poker! anyone else watching the WSOP on ESPN? i know there has been a lot of bitching and moaning about Tiffany Williamson and her ability to luckbox into a high finishing spot, but hey, has anyone watched Aaron Kanter's play? FMITGA! guy is the definition of luckbox. he makes Tiffany look like Howard Lederer. my gawd. i hope and pray that someday i get my chance to win millions - better to be lucky than good! right?

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Yeah, the return the SPEW!!!!!!!!!

I am very happy.

Speaking of Wal-Mart, TRY COSTCO!

Yes, you will miss some things, but your soul will thank you in your next life (you know, when you don't come back as a slug. AGAIN!)


Brokensword said @ 11/14/2005 10:14 AM CST

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