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11/17/2005: "gets down to what it's all about, doesn't it? making the wrong move at the right time."

yesterday was Wednesday and you know what that means!!?!! an entire day off where i poker it up for as many hours as i can take! woot!

so in the AM i play a little FTP, deciding to bang away at the remainder of my reload bonus on the $2/4 6 Handed No-Limit tables. a couple of hours later, mission accomplished. even ended up a little. how'd that happen?!

then it was off to Northside for a little $6/6 NLHE. jump for the trip report!


hours played: 15 (2PM to 5AM. yes, 5AM. i am sleepless in seattle as i type this post. *yawn*)

net gain/loss: -$5.00 yeap, i lost a grand total of $5.00 harrumph.

verbal altercations: one!

one? yeah, one of my least favorite types of players showed up: the MegaloManiacal Bettor (MMB). what constitutes this type of player and what irks me about their play? read on.

one thing i dislike is when people play a game and attempt to run over it for no other reason than wanting to be in control and make others suffer. the pots have no value; the real goal is the subjugation of your opponent's will. for instance, if you have someone with $2-3K in their roll and they sit down at a $6/$6 table; obviously, they are over-rolled for a game of this level. the standard raises are $20, $25, $30. we joke that $15 is the "socially acceptable" opening bet, which guarantees you as many callers as you like. i call it a "stimulator" bet. so what does the MMB do? first hand sits down and raises $50 UTG. no callers. within the next 4-5 hands again raises to $50. gets a caller. flop comes out and MMB goes all-in for roughly $500 (a whole buy-in.) player folds. this happens 3-4 times in a 30 min period. every once in a while we get a showdown, with MMB usually having the worst of it. during this time frame, what has happened to the game? well, most players are now playing super-tight and post-flop play has become a single move, the all-in call.

now i know some of you poker players reading this are prolly going, "great news! a loose cannon with a seemingly bottomless bankroll! send me directions and playing times!" and yes, donkeys with money are nice to have around, but here's two things to think about: 1) most players at this game are like me, usually playing for around $1K or so; lose that and you go home. so how would you like to gamble, even as good as a 4-1 favorite, if you could possibly only do it twice with negative outcomes? two $500 pots, two unlucky outers and you are gone! 2) when players who play at limits below their bankroll level show up, it is akin to a millionaire having to play poker with Donald Trump!

so i was one of the first to take-on MMB. he opened with a $50 bet and i smooth-called. i had position and was holding A-10s. nothing crushing, but i am hoping for top two or a good flush draw. the flop comes rainbow 10-3-7. no telling what MMB has; he could have a big pair, a set, EOSD or crap. i make a pot-sized bet and as usual, MMB goes all-in. it's roughly $350 more to me to call. i have TPTK. do you call? i think a few seconds, turn my cards over, ask him if i am ahead, then tell him i know that i am, but that i will pick a better spot to break him and fold. he shows me 10-4. i had him crushed.

in all honesty i am not mad; like most guys, i am lining up my plays so that i can make a hit on him. the table is 11 handed, and it feels almost like 10 vs 1. seriously, we were all licking our chops and biding our time.

meanwhile, MMB has found a few hands and has sucked out on some guys. he put an evil 2 outter on a guy by making a full house on the river against the nut flush, taking down a pot around $1K. wicked retarded. somewhere in the next hour i pick-up pocket tens. MMB is the BB so i know he is going to be last to act. this is a prime spot where he loves to pull his super-bet, all-in move. i raise to $30 and when it gets to MMB, he raises all-in. i immediately call. he's holding some weak ace and my pair actually holds up. double through for the good guys!

somewhere after this hand, MMB makes some snarky comment directed my way and i tell him that i am just waiting around to take the rest of his money. ding ding ding - MMB goes on tilt. he challenges me to a $1K heads-up freezout right then and there (i've got about $1500 in front of me on the table.) i decline and tell him i can take his $1K playing at the $6/$6 table and that he should rebuy. he proceeds to mega-tilt, mumbles about how i think i am a pro, yada yada yada. anyway, he blows the next hand for another $500 to someone else. unfortunately, between rebuying and getting lucky/having a hand, he is far from broke.

we play this way for around 3 hours. it is gruelling. around 2AM he is finally running out of chips. he's got a wad of $100s behinds his chips, but they are not in play; he's just got them out for show. occasionally he asks me when we are going to play heads-up. i keep goading him, stoking the fire, and waiting for my chance.

FINALLY, i get them, pocket rockets and MMB is in the SB. as usual, i raise, he re-raises all-in and i call. when he flips his cards he thinks he's smart b/c he's using my previous 10-10 hand against me. then he sees my aces! i am already counting his cash! and of course, the flop brings a ten. turn gives me the nut backdoor flush draw, which misses on the river. i personally double MMB's last $400 in chips to $800 - nice! then MMB proceeds to tell me i am such a donkey and deserved the suckout. no worries, i made sure to let him know that i will always try and call him when he is a 4-1 dog, esp when i can pick-up more outs on the turn!

alas, about 3-4 hands later, on the most coordinated board of the night (both straight and flush draws are very obviously showing,) MMB goes all-in with 6-6 and gets called and taken down. all my money goes to someone else. MMB then takes his $1K in cash, challenges me again to a heads-up duel and when i decline, leaves. crap!

so that's it. we play on, trading money back and forth and eventually shut it down right before dawn. nice action.

i dunno if i am alone in my dislike of players like MMB. i am not even sure i handled it right. i do feel that putting him on tilt was good for the game. it certainly increased his interest in trying to bust me!

so tonight i see a lot of sleep in my future! i can't wait....

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Awesome story. I hope you get him next time.

Mourn said @ 11/17/2005 01:42 PM CST

Push monkeys can be very irritating. It becomes a pain when you are not catching cards to take down their stacks. At least you had two chances.

StB said @ 11/23/2005 03:27 PM CST

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