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12/02/2005: "my grandmama hate it, but my little mama luv it"

2 days with no internet make brently something something....

is 185 SPAMs in 2 days a lot or a little? i can't tell anymore b/c it seems so normal.

hit the jump for a sampling of subject lines!


* valium hydride (any chem majors out there? i don't think this even exists as a substance....)

* Semen production increase (are there any men on the planet who want to increase this? seriously.)

* swing with your neighbors (obviously haven't seen my neighbors)

* Could this Stock Rock? (first there was Cop Rock, now on CNBC catch Ron Insana in Stock Rock!)

* Lakeisha Burch (umm, am i supposed to know somebody by this name? this was the whole subject line. who opens this shiet?)

* Star wars porn comics (finally bringing pr0n to the people who need it most)

* japanese hardcore action (honest truth - first thing i thought of was Godzilla vs. Mothra!)

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