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12/06/2005: "this is the anti-cocksmoker song"

scatter shot today, as i am still recovering from a week of moving furniture, watching my hardwoods be installed, cleaning whole damn place, and then moving all the furniture back.

i would like to publically announce that my wife was right in that we should have had hardwoods installed when we built the house. in my defense, we did only have two dogs at that time. floors do look nice though....

anyway, on to the spew.

had this converstation with a potential client today:
her: "do you have a card or brochure?"
me: "here's a brochure. we printed these when we opened almost three years ago, so they are a little out of date. our website has the most current information."
her: "i don't do that. i don't email." (<---exact quote!)
me: "not email, just the site has the most current pricing, policies..."
her: "i don't do that." (<---again, exact response!)
me (internal): okaaaaaaaaaaay. luddite much?

President Carter was on The Daily Show last night pimping his latest book. i don't have a lot of perspective on Carter and his presidency: growing up during the Iran Hostage crisis plus issues such as the invasion of Afghanistan by the USSR colored my knowledge of his presidency (and i haven't spent anytime reviewing history books for other opinions...i know, i suck.) nevertheless, it is hard to hold my adolescent beliefs against a man who has won the Nobel Peace prize and who seems tireless in his work for humanity. thus, his spot on TDS was pretty good and sparked my interest in his new book, which is his first on politics and more interesting to me, partially on religion and politics.

speaking of religion and politics, OneGoodMove provided me with a link to ABC Nightline's coverage of the Justice House of Prayer. i don't see why more Americans aren't worried about places like this - it appears no different to me than a madrasa, except instead of teaching fundamentalist Islam, it is supporting what appears to be charismatic, fundamentalist Christianity. can i even label something that? charismatic-fundamentalist sounds diametric, but the video seems to show where it can exist. does this scare anyone besides me? the Nightline piece didn't seem to have enough fear/loathing in it...if any at all!

you know, i never got around to giving back a little hate to my home state. back in early November a majority of voting Texans decided to legalize hate by changing our constitution. seems we needed to define marriage as between a "man" and a "woman" b/c you know, letting men or women marry goldfish is against the laws of nature. seriously, what a fscking state-of-affairs. if i had money (or balls) i would blow this popsicle stand and move somewhere tolerant, and by tolerant i mean a place where the fscking government keeps its goddamn nose out of your private life. life, liberty, pursuit of happiness? fsck you!

this site sometimes makes me nod in agreement....

the WPBT Winter Classic is about to commence and i am sadly not in attendance. guess i could blame my "other" work, or our new floors, etc etc etc. anyway you slice it, i know i am going to be missing a lot of fun. Joe, possibly the most literate of the poker blogging bunch, gives a re-working to the Night Before Christmas, vegas-style. enjoy!

all poker players have little pet names for hands or occurances, some of which are well-known and used and some that are personal to their group. for instance, in the poker blogging community, the 7-2 offsuit is the hammer. recently i have heard a spate of people calling A-K the "Anna Kournikova," b/c it looks good but hardly ever wins. heh. at Northside a winning hand like 7-2o would be called a "secret squirrel," e.g. a hand that would remain well hidden until you reveal the nuts. and for some reason a player at Northside has named the 8 4 as "The Bellagio". i still don't have the full story on this one. anyone got any others they hear a lot?

i try to read as much as possible, but i am lazy and often the internet and poker and alcohol and TiVo get in the way. but, wifey and i do hit the bookstores pretty often (she does read a lot and a lot more than me!) last week we hit Half-Price Books, a local fav. as noted in the name, books are generally half the retail price and there is often a good selection of new books. so at half the retail price could someone tell me how we spent over $100 on books? we have a serious addiction problem. i did pick-up Thomas Friedman's latest plus various others, including this one on vegas. now just finding the time!


that said, i am off to herd dogs and maybe get some reading in.

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Yeah, this is a little dated, but kinda fun to see where you stand politically among some past presidents and leaders. You'll have to post your results... http://madrabbit.net/webrabbit/quizshow.html

gburns said @ 12/07/2005 07:10 AM CST

Someday they will write about Jimmy Carter's presidency as a watershed event. Everything changed in American politics, never to return.

AmPol has always been lousy with greed and lies. But, after Carter, it started mainlining steroids and the souls of small children.

Twenty five years later, and I can honestly say that Nixon wasn't all that bad (the most shocking thing is how easily I could write that).

Nixon, for all his loathing and hate and paranoia, was a man who believed that governing was a good job. A job worth having.

Today, Washington is filled to the brim with jackholes vilify anything as non-partisan as governing.

Is all this Jimmy's fault? Was he just at the wrong place at the right time? Are all Republicans Fascists?

I don't know. I'm just putting my head down and working 50 hours a week so but the things that keep my brain numb.

Brokensword said @ 12/12/2005 04:21 PM CST

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