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12/15/2005: "i'll turn on MTV and see the Gorillaz or something and be like, "aw, that's dope.""

i've spent the last week hanging out with my mom while she has been in the hospital trying to not have congestive heart failure. the good news is that she is at home and is making a full recovery. the bad is that i have been AWOL for about 8-9 days.

hit the jump for a post i was prepping prior to my leave of absence (more on my mom and that whole affair in another post.)


to understand this random thought you need some background. see, my wife (and I?!) started a dog boarding and grooming business roughly 3 years ago. about 6 months in and to my complete amazement, the place was booming. boarding, grooming, and daycare had taken off like a rocket. one thing you probably don't consider in a business like this is the amount of work it takes to handle a herd of dogs. besides the socialization aspect, dogs can make quite a mess. so 3 months in, it had become readily apparent: hire some workers or quit my job.

now as an aside, i have previously been "blessed" in jobs where i managed people, particularly people who often live paycheck-to-paycheck (i.e. low-skill work.) i know the ins and outs and i have a complete handle on employee turnover, employee time management, employee praise/punishment, etc etc etc. so what i am getting at is that hiring people is not always the best fit, especially for a new business. think some kid making $7/hr is going to care for your clients as well as you? i mean, who has $50K invested in the business? who's house payments are reliant on the success of said business? yeah, i thought so. anyway, i quit my job since i knew that i could easily do the work of 2 low wage McWorkers. i was right. and i was wrong.

i joked with all my friends telling them i had accepted a C.F.O. position: Chief Fecal Officer. i spend hours a day cleaning up dog shit and piss, mopping floors, washing bedding, cleaning runs, yada yada yada. it is not very intellectual work.

anyone who has worked a McJob will tell you: do rote, meaningless work over and over and over again and eventually you will go mental. that is a fact. loosing one's marbles can manifest itself in many ways. first off, talking to the dogs is not "going mental." i mean, i already talk to mine own like they are children, so talking to those at the shop in the same manner is just an extension and not an effect of the work. and yeah, i totally get Dennis Miller's rant on "if i could talk to the animals i wouldn't b/c they're fscking animals." he used to be funny before he joined the Republican/NFL darkside - now he can blow me.

so anyway, here i am cleaning up after a bunch of dogs who best resemble a squadron of 4 year olds and i am in fact chatting away with them. and here's where it hits me that i am losing it. why? i am seriously beginning to wonder if these little bastards have learned how to manipulate me during our 2 years together. see they piss and i get the mop, clean it up and return the mop to the bucket. simple enough. but then i come back and another one has pissed during the small lapse when i left the room. lather, rinse, repeat. and so i am thinking: are they doing this one at a time b/c they enjoy seeing me go back and forth? in their little barks are they laughing at me a la Goodfellas "i amuse you" flashback? maybe they have a game to see who can make me go back and forth the most times in a 12 hour day. it's possible, right?

does this thought process scare anyone? have i slipped a mental disc and become off-kilter?

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Dude, you know better than most that its the dog that trains his master. I won't say they "enjoy" it, but I bet there is something they get from it...attention, perhaps?

To me, this fits into the "just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean Bush&Chaney aren't tapping my phones" type of thing.

Good news about your Mom. I'm thinking about her and you.


Brokensword said @ 12/19/2005 04:56 PM CST

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