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12/30/2005: "give the mule what he wants"

we're gliding towards the 31st and the end of 2005. let's reminisce on what's happened in the last couple of weeks and then onto how i'd like '06 to go...and if you are good, there will be some tasty poker goodness at the end!


top o' the list: a few weeks ago my mom thought her ever-recurring "cold" had progressed to pneumonia. she was barely able to make it to see a gen. prac. doctor, who recommended that she consider a short stay at the hospital. diagnosis: congestive heart failure. of course, being a mom and worrying about "bothering" me, i didn't get a call until she was already admitted to the hospital. she spent 7 nights there (let me tell ya, you get no rest in a hospital!), where they sussed out that she has three coronary blockages, all of which can be stinted. they also discovered that she has been having arrhythmias (e.g. ventricular tachycardias) - so while she was there they put in an implantable cardioverter/defibrillator. and of course, all of this was/is complicated by her diabetes. not the picture of health, us Davenports. the good news to all this is that she avoided a heart attack and bypass surgery. the even better news is that they have a very positive prognoses for her - post-stinting she should feel better than she has in the last 3 years. overall i was pleased with her care; her two cardiologist seem better than average and the hospital was actual pretty nice (she stayed in the new cardio wing of Herman Memorial City). but don't let anyone lie to you - no matter how nice the place is, i averaged about 2 hours of sleep a night...and i am a person who usually only gets 4-6. glad she is out and doing well!


do you do new year's resolutions? me either. resolutions are for losers, just like AA is for quitters. anyway, if i did do them, here would be a partial list:

* get blog software set up on selltheastros.com

* actually follow baseball season prior to October '06

* put my hate of Drayton aside and attend one home game this year

* drink less drink moderately

* read more finish 12 unstarted & 8 started books on shelf

* have "decisions ! outcomes" tattooed on left index finger

* travel (hurricane-induced travel not applicable)

* live vicariously (when travel doesn't work out as planned)

* act moderately, think liberally


i haven't had much of a chance to play poker in Dec. between work, my mom, christmas, etc life has been hectic. poker is my mistress, but she was ignored in Dec. i think i have played about 1500 hands or so this month - not much. that said, it was good to have some time away. one, it made me see that maybe i was pushing too hard when i should have been watching/listening...and not pushing hard enough when it was due. this week i have had a little time to play online - i've run my remaining $300 up to north of $1600 just this week. been playing all short-handed, usually $2.$4 or $3.$6. one other consquence of a low poker month was an awareness of how much i have neglected my tourament game. i used play a lot of tournaments each month - more than cash games - but i have really been grinding away on ring games for the last couple of months; heck, i haven't even finished HOH vol. II or Phil's LGB. well tonight, wifey was tired and i got to play in the $16K Guarantee on FTP. i felt rusty and it showed. after bowing out worse than middle of the pack (around 400), i signed up for the $10K Guarantee that played 90 minutes later. 189 of FTP's wiliest wabbits lined up to bash each other's brains in. as usual, i tried to focus on select aggression, using position to steal where i could and playing my hands for maximum value. there was a serious period where i felt i wasn't pushing enough (this usually happens in the second or third ante level where it becomes all-in fest), but patience persisted and i saw the final table, which felt good. it felt even better to score a 2nd and $2200! i did manage to land quad jacks once, but was so dumbstruck by it, i forgot to type in "dems quads beeeches." i feel like i let the blogger nation down! ;-(

well, i am going to quaff another G&T and see if i can drift off to sleep!

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