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01/05/2006: "my mathematical mind can see the breaks"

what constitutes luck? and variance?

playing short-handed can fsck with your mind, make you doubt your game, make you doubt yourself.


last night i took the rim reamer, playing over 700 hands of $2/$4NLHE six-handed. i dropped almost a $1K. you read that right, $1000.00. stfu.

i ran 10-10 into kings, wired jacks into kings, and on top of that, i had wired pairs 52 times and did not flop a set ONCE. not fscking once.

i did tilt for about 30 min and played fast and loose, like the rest of my tablemates, but i saw what i was doing, stopped the insanity, and went back to my old game. didn't help. down one K, more or less.

today i put yesterday away and moved on.

decided to play some $3/$6/NLHE six-handed b/c the $2/$4 tables were pretty empty and i didn't have the balls to take a shot at the $5/$10, where i recognized several names and have PT histories on them. i played 26 hands at a very, very aggressive table. i was very much out of my element and felt a lot of pressure. and i won almost $800. in 26 hands.

so what's luck? and what's variance? was i unlucky to have so many pocket pairs last night and not once hit a set? was i lucky today to run my kings into a hyper-aggressive player with jacks? things that make you go hmmmmm.

my tournament game is coming along. i am a little rusty and i could use more practice, so i am trying to play in the nightly FTP $10K Guarantees. we'll see how it goes.

don't miss things like this: here's my online receipt for paying some of my utilities. glad i don't squash bugs anymore for a living.

finally have put my office back in order. i have one more box to empty and i still have to hook-up my speakers to my amp (not that i ever use them). TiVo is up and running again, which is nice. appears there is going to be a wide swath of new poker shows coming out in 2006. i'll watch them all.

i think i have decided to learn seven card stud. i have played some on the PSP and then some micro-limits on FTP. i kind like it - it's new and interesting. so now i gotta get some books, which reminds me: i am reading Super System's section on stud written by Chip Reese; i own both Super Systems and have read pretty much only the NLHE section, so this is my second attempt at the book. so is it me or is this the worst written book on the planet? i don't mean subject wise - i mean actual writing. awful, convoluted, poorly worded, awful punctuation and terrible use of bolding. it is almost a chore to read. is it just me? bueller...?

so anyway, i searched Amazon high and low and found a few stud books to buy. they can go in the list with all the other books i have yet to read. killing me.

lastly - i dunno where i have been, but i just bought Spoon's Gimme Fiction and have to ask: is this not the best album of 2005? god damn it's good. i'll wear out post titles for the next month....

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