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01/07/2006: "great dominions they don't come cheap"

welcome to More Of The Same: where less is more....

b/c Full Tilt is finally beginning to recognize me for the budding pro that i am (this is hyperbole, folks, i am not deluded), i was award entry into their Lucky Tilter's Freeroll, with a $15K prize pool. obviously i was more lucky than i thought b/c there were only 255 entrants, and of those only about 100 showed up.

salte para más!


piece of advice to FTP: Friday night tournaments are not a great scheduling coop. OTOH, i would expect it was scheduled as such hoping that enough of us 255 fools would hang out and play some ring games, thus paying the rake. i am sure there was some hidden motive in giving us a free tourney, but hey, let's not look a gift horse in the mouth, ok?

my first table has nine players and only four of them are live. i crush one guy on a very well slow-played hand (my set turns a full-house and he flushes on the river - aaaaaiyaaaa!) and i finally knocked off one guy right before break. all round i had position on these guys and stole a lot of the blinds of the ghosts. by break i was #2 out of about 150 left. i get moved and end up at another table where there is only one live player. he and i battle it out, both starting with chip stacks of about T10K (60/120 blinds) but i again trap with a good hand and take about half his stack. then it happens: i run my queens into his kings and double him up, dropping from #2 into the mid-20s. craptacular!

after a mild moment of tilt, i get back to it and proceed to run my stack up to around T10K again. eventually, when the blinds get to 120/240 ante 25, we run out of ghosts and the real game begins. somehow (maybe due to shittiness of the seating algorithm?) 4 of the top 10 chip leaders get seated at my new table. i am 11th and another guy is 14th. basically we were all waiting for super-premium hands or for a reseating, which happened about 10 minutes later. thank god.

for the next hour or so i ride from 11th to 14th and back again, past the bubble and into the money; the free, free money. i have been folding a lot, basically b/c i have been seeing shiet for hands. i made two or three steals to pick-up the blinds and that was it. the guy to my right has a stack a little more than mine and he has already used the all-in pre-flop move several times. i am hoping he tries it when i pick-up a hand....

into the 300/600 ante 75 round i look down and find A-Qo. i watch as the table folds around and the guy on my right goes all-in. he's got me covered by about T200. i don't think long, almost insta-calling. blessed be Lord Poker, it's my A-Qo vs. A-3s. rainbow flop connecting for neither of us and i am antsy with anticipation. turn rolls off a 3, river a blank and i am out in 19th for $90. ARE YOU FSCKING KIDDING ME? I WAS A 4-1 FAVORITE AFTER THE FLOP! *^*&%^$$@^&%&^%*(&(*!!!

no biggie, first was only like $3K. *^&%@%$%$#@#$^&%*&!!

anyway, i do feel i played OK; a lot of tournament success is luck: you can push all you want, but at some level you gotta win some races, plus win when you are a favorite, and survive if you are a dog. i sure would like to do all that in one fscking tournament.

on a good note: i did finally qualify for Sunday's $200K Guarantee on FTP. cost me $110.60 for a $216.00 tourney, so i have roughly $100 in freeroll. god, if i could just put my whole game togther once.... 1st is at least $45K.

Kailee had his second knee surgery, so tonight we are going down to hang with them and rejuvinate his soul. haven't seen them since Thanksgiving - this whole living inside the loop deal isn't working out too well. :-(

completing my Spoon addiction, i iTuned two more of their old albums; both are fantastic also, though not as good as Gimmie Fiction, IMHO. still, great stuff. i definitely am planning to see them when they hit Houston soon. book it, Otter!

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It really sucks to be in the nth place when you think you have the right cards. Oh well, at least you had some wins that time. Sunday's game has a pretty big prize. I hope you did well on that play.

ron said @ 01/13/2006 04:08 AM CST

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