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01/17/2006: "persistence might help you achieve moderate success in a chosen activity, but achieving true excellence requires passionate committment to your chosen endeavor."

there's something to be said for salesmanship. what it is i dunno, but something.

i am sitting here pondering how to sell my self. no, not some new site like sellmyself.com. rather, i gotta update my resume and find a job. yes, find a job. no, playing poker is not in consideration.


any person who says finding a job is easy is either a fool or a good candidate for The Apprentice. finding a job, a real job with real wages and real benefits, is work. the only way to approach such a search is to view it as such.

last time i re-worked my resume it took me maybe two good weeks, probably 12 hours a week. countless drafts and edits, plus reviews by as many people as i could find that were knowledgeable and in touch with today's business environment. i am not looking forward to this latest revision.

why? well, one, each resume is written and tailored for a particular job or market segment. this often means that you might have four or five different versions, depending on if you are applying for software development, technical sales, or in my case of my current job, dung removal. heh. so anyway, i am at a true crossroads - my only real requirements for a job are: (a) avg salary and benefits doing something i like, or (b) above avg salary and benefits doing something mundane and uninspiring. you know, i am pretty sure most people would agree with those goals for their own employment, and then the realization sets in of having to accept average across the board (or worse!) i am fortunate to having some space in my search; hopefully i won't have to settle for anything.

how exciting is 2006 for poker on television? well, last night aired the first in a series of episodes on GSN for High Stakes Poker. gentlemen, start your prop bets. Daniel Negreanu blogged about it back in early Nov. find those entries here, here, and here. sounds like an exciting show. i hope this takes off and we see more poker TV of this genre. now all i have to do is find time to watch TiVo....

yesterday i started and finished All In : The (Almost) Entirely True Story of the World Series of Poker. good book, not overly compelling and certainly not full of information you can't read elsewhere (such as hands from the WSOP chronicled in The Championship Table : At the World Series of Poker (1970-2003)) but an entertaining read nonetheless. i am now working on another all-in book: I'm All In : Lyle Berman and the Birth of the World Poker Tour. i also have a seven-card stud book brewing on the side. all in a day's reading....

Full Tilt has their Iron Man competition running, so i have been slumming it at the $.25/$.50NLHE six-handed tables to bang away the 50 points a day. 3 tabling takes me about an hour. now i just need to reroll up so i can play the ever-crappy (for me, at least) $2/$4. yeah, "reroll up." after a serious ass-kicking this month, i took $1700 out of my poker accounts and promptly paid my house note with it, for no other fact than to make myself feel like i am not a loser. i am still a loser, and a donkey to boot, but at least i have a positive showing for some of my poker money. sadly, that left my Poker Stars account at zero and my Full Tilt account below $100. where's the rest? umm, yeah. i dunno even know if i can post my totals for the month of Jan. seriously, bad. and embarrassing. and bad. and even more embarrassing. we'll see when we get to the end of the month if i post my totals. don't hold your breath.

that said, having spewed off almost all of my poker profit, i have set some rules for at least a few weeks/months of play: i can play tournies when i earn their buy-in; i have to earn that money either in ring games or from other tourney finishes. no re-deposits. yeah, i am seriously FUBAR'd about my results in Jan. and it's the fscking 17th. let's move on, shall we?

wow - just typing that last paragraph and re-reading it was a downer. i think i'll go read to take my mind off it again.


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You could probably make a few bucks with your blog...

Either that, or sell your body to science. :)

Chuck said @ 01/18/2006 05:33 PM CST

First of all, myself is one word.


DAC said @ 01/18/2006 07:32 PM CST

million $ idea:


DAC said @ 01/18/2006 07:34 PM CST

don't make me have to kill you - i know just how much of The Darkness to play....


bcd said @ 01/18/2006 09:07 PM CST

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