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01/24/2006: "i would almost certainly be a gambler again, because there's nothing else an ignorant man can do."

it's really kinda sad, the state of things. i used to spend a lot of time "value surfing" the web; that is surfing and looking for cool, interesting, useful, and usually free goodies! but with the entrance of poker (and the lack of a full time office job) i don't spend nearly as much time surfing (and finding) as i used to. and that is kinda sad. also probably healthy. heh.

anyway, this AM i was up earlier than usualy (lack of wifey at home leads me to sleep even worse than i normally do) and so i got to spend some time from 6-7AM just surfing: hitting the old spots, catching waves, riding breaks. heh heh - nice extended metaphor.

so hit the jump and check out some of today's finds!


first up, mystickies.com: interesting site. back in the day i remember reading about someone trying to do this, post-it notes for the web. this looks pretty interesting, esp. when combined with their browser, which portends to end bookmarks. i've installed the extension and i'll try her out for a bit. i suggest you might wanna too!

i guess i live in a cave, b/c this meta site is new to me - digg.com: reminds me of /., but cleaner. been a long time since i have used slashdot, mostly b/c even browsing/moderating at +5 became tiresome. i'll try digg for a bit and see how i like it.

speaking of, one of the first things i saw on digg this morning was Why I Left Microsoft. i always like reading tech geek blogs, esp. when they are from someone who has worked in a big tech company. i'll peruse this one for a bit, including taking a peek at his book.

one thing i love about the web is all the humor that exists out there. we are a bored species, but in our moments of boredom, we can be pretty creative. thus, this morning i found Stairway to Gilligan, a Google parody, and Dwight Schrute's blog. all funny!

in serious matters, take a read of this article about Mexico border towns opening casinos. what caught my eye were the numbers bandied about for how much revenue Texas gives up for being "morally superior" - morons. of course, one of the key proponents of nixing any casinos for Texas is based in my backyard. why is Sugar Land such a repository for such tight-ass, morally condescending dicks? Tom De Lay anyone?

last but not least, have to have some poker content: PokerStove has an analysis up of the power/use/skill of the all-in. interesting stuff.


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Okay, most links good. Blogs by people who don't exist bad. It's like anti-reality reality. Sad shite -- IMHO, at least. Dwight Schrute and the people from Grey's Anatomy and all the other TV characters that "have" websites. Please.

DAC said @ 01/25/2006 07:22 PM CST

Oh, and screw that Microsoft guy. I read that -- seriously, people who make a shitton of money and then bitch about feeling empty and so they quit have no clue. If he made, say, $18K, or $27K, orr $39K, or $8K, or $59K, think he'd feel empty enough to just bail out of the job?

Hell no.

Jebus. People.

me again said @ 01/25/2006 07:26 PM CST

look, i understand - imaginary blogs can come off as "marketing fodder", and if this was the case of Grey's Anatomy, any of the CSI shows, or Dawson's Creek, i would agree. thankfully, The Office is fscking hilarious and Dwight (who was awsome in Six Feet Under as a creepy undertaker) is a character that resonates with commonality (as in every office has a nob like him!) granted, i haven't read anything ground-breakingly funny, but i have hope!

as for the MS guy, i found it appealing b/c it is nice to see that coming out of college he had about the same experiences as most people i knew.

when MS interviewed at Baylor, all the people who got callbacks and site visitations were also people that had multiple job offers from top-tier consulting companies and Fortune 100 firms. i didn't consider myself in their same class.

in contrast to that, here's a regular joe, got dissed by MS once, luckily got a repeat performance and snared a job. how much did he make? who knows, but i also find it compelling that in under 10 years he came to the same feelings that most gen-xers (can i speak for our generation?!) feel about money and jobs: while we want to make a shit-ton, we are not into hocking our personal happiness for it. think about it - this guy probably left more on the table leaving MS than we'll make in a lifetime; that alone makes it interesting...i mean, you don't think you could suck it up at your current job for another 10 years if you made $1Mil/year? sadly, we all sacrifice our personal aspirations for just a little more filthy lucre and a chance to lick the golden ring.

lastly, coming from a job where project management was obviously an art and not a science, i am keenly interested in his book.

you batard!


bcd said @ 01/26/2006 07:19 AM CST

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