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02/04/2006: "if there was not luck involved, i guess i would win every one."

it's all the rage, so let's live blog the Full Tilt Iron Man Freeroll.

jump for the excitement!


2:30 -- cards in the air. wheee. i have switched to the cock avatar. i mean, i was born in 1969, year of the cock. whaddya want?

2:33 -- UTG with KJo. let's test the waters and see how the table is feeling. i raise 3xBB to T90. no callers. allrighty then.

2:34 -- in SB with K-4o. i complete and we see a cheap flop. flop rainbows 4-2-7, hammer anyone? i bet pot and take it.

2:35 -- in cutoff with QJo. Soapnyoureye bets T89. i fold. why do i recognize his name? his bet seems familar. one caller sees flop with Soap. K-3-Q. checking it down, turn 9, river 6. Soap shows AQo and pulls pot.

2:39 -- Soap seems active. he's played several of the first ten hands.

2:43 -- KQo in MP. blinds at T20/40, two limpers to me, i raise to T135. BB calls, one limper calls, second limper goes all-in. el foldo.

2:49 -- AJo in cutoff. i raise it up in honor of JoeSpeaker. all fold. don't fsck with AJ!

2:50 -- in the big blind i pull dogballs (88). i check and SB and button see cheap flop. flop comes ace high, which no one seems interested in. i play pussy poker and we all check it down. i pull pot.

2:53 -- on button with KJo. how many times am i going to get king-jack-off? those guys should get a room. BB is short stack of table; his M is 11. i consider position raise of 4-5xBB, but don't want him repopping it and making me laydown before a flop. i call, SB folds and BB raises to T150, so T100 more to me. okay fine. flop comes 6 10 K. i have top pair, semi-decent kicker and the backdoor second nut flush draw. BB leads out with T150, which i am interpreting as a continuation bet. at best here he has KQ or nut flush draw, i am figuring for the latter. he only has T736 left and i don't want him drawing to that flush, so i put him all. he calls and flips over Q J, so he is open ended! i am 70/30 here, which is not too shabby. turn is a nine; i hear dealer say, "take that, bitch!" river bricks and i lick my wounds with T479 left.

2:58 -- blinds (T25/50) just passed and my M is 6. short stack poker, anyone?

2:59 -- i am in MP with A-4o. UTG raises the standard T175. i figure i am 70/30 here and get my money in. UTG calls and flips A 9. shiet. dead to a four? flop 7 3 10, turn 7, river J. how about that shiet! chop chop bitches!

3:02 -- blinds at T30/60, my M is 5. harrumph.

3:04 -- again with the KJo in the cutoff. UTG+2 raises the standard T180. MP calls and i am figuring it is go big and get lucky or go home. i am all-in. UTG+2 protects and goes all-in for an additonal T1320. if i had stuff to gather up, i would be doing so now. MP folds and UTG+2 shows A J. god damn it! why would i mess with AJ?!?! flop comes J high and river/turn offer no help.

34 min of shitty poker for me! how ya' like them apples?

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