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02/08/2006: "The real problem in American politics is the rule of calculation and money over principle..."

ah Wednesdays, how i love thee, let me count the ways!

i have spent all day doing a whole bunch of nothing...or at least nothing important. and to that end, i will highlight my feats of nothingness after the jump!


i have finally made the decision and i am ridding myself of all my CDs; i must have around 2000 or so. they just take up too much room, they are a hassle to organize, and really they all need to be in my iTunes library so i can use them on my iPod. so i moved my iTunes library to my new external 250GB HDD and i began ripping a vast majority of my CDs into AAC. i am also spending time to convert all the MP3s i have already in my library to AAC. my goal? zero phsycial CDs. now i realize i am going to be stuck with some, b/c on Sat i took a whole box of CDs to the used CD store and at least 20 out of the 150 got rejected for sale. sucks to be those bands. but they bought a lot of them and emptied at least one entire storage basket. made my day. so, there is another goal for 2006...add it to my list.

went to see Spoon on Sat. was a good, albeit short (less than 2.5 hours for 2 bands) concert. still, was good to see Otter again and to actually get back into live music. next up is Mogwai and The Smoking Popes. that will make 3 concerts in the first quarter of '06, which is 3 more than i hit in '05!

High Stakes Poker on GSN maybe the best poker on TV, hands down. if you aren't watching it, you are missing out. Sam Farha played his heart out in last Monday's episode: the guy is a freaking card rack. and though i had already read Daniel Negreanu's blog about some of the bad beats he had taken, he really had several hands where he lost over $100K with the best of it. 70/30s are tough beats. i am also enjoying the entire table hatefest on Shawn Shiekhan, esp Todd Brunson (which makes me want to forgive him for that craptacular mullet-tail.) anyway, again, you should be TiVoing this show; the episodes are worth watching more than once.

speaking of TiVo, during the holidays i missed the FullTiltPoker.net Invitational from Monaco, but thankfully, TiVo pulled all four hours of it. i am making my way through it today and gotta say, so far it's pretty good. is there a better analyst than Howard Lederer? not in my mind. now, where do i get some of those kooky chips they are using?!

last thing of poker note: played my first Poker Stars Deep Stacks tourney on Monday and i can say with most certainty, this is my new favorite thing. sure, it takes a lot more time, but i can't see anything online being more preparatory for real casino tournaments. 30 minute levels and T5000 starting stacks are the nut. expect to see me play in at least one of these a week for a while.

started reading Matt Taibbi's Spanking The Donkey. beside a clever title that is easily meshable with poker, the book is a hoot. i remember seeing Taibbi on The Daily Show, but i don't remember him being this funny. in the words of John Winger, "i wanna party with you!"

well, time to make the doughnuts.

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