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02/15/2006: This is about redefining an institution that has been a bedrock of society for all of history.

i gotta say, i really am not sure how much longer i can continue to live in the United States. unfortunately, i am not sure where else would be better? Holland? Canada?

hearing this on the way to work this morning reminded me of 3/5ths Compromise. thank god we as U.S. citizens can legislate moral decisions. i mean, if nothing else, our history (and the history of humanity) has shown that humans always legislate with the proper ideals and concerns for the human condition.

maybe we could round up all the people who want same-sex unions and give them there own state? i hear North Dakota is beautiful this time of year....

sometimes i just hate my species.

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god bless CSPAN.

on this AM, in a very timely interview and caller Q&A, Kenji Yoshino discussed his new book, Covering: The Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights.

looks like it will be added to my "must read" list.

bcd said @ 02/15/2006 10:07 AM CST

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