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02/19/2006: found a four leaf clover

wow - Sat/Sun has been poker heaven. dunno why it took me so long to replace the wireless router in my house, but it is so nice to be able to play poker in the living room or bedroom.

direct results of the new router have been last night's finish and then today's win into Full Tilt's Sunday WSOP tourney! just a couple of hours till that....

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rat farts.

busted out last night 44/147. 1st and 2nd got WSOP packages.

made a serious mistake, which i of course agonized over in my sleep: with an M of round 7, i found AKo. had two limpers in front of me. we were in the early ante rounds, so a standard opening bet was 360ish. instead of going all-in, i figured i would raise. if i got reraised i would go all-in pre-flop, and if i got called, then i could get away on the flop if it didn't connect. that was my thinking. why? dunno. seemed reasonable. the problem? read on.

so the flop doesn't connect, coming all low cards: 8c-9c-x. i figure i'll make a continuation bet. but, because both limpers called my pre-flop raise, the pot was almost all that i had left. so i could bet 50% of the pot (leaving me about 60% of my stack), i could pot it, or i could go all-in. pretty much only 3 choices; and there is the flaw from my above raise: do you see why?

my thinking here: although the flop missed me, it likely missed them too. 1/3 of the time someone will pair the flop, but this flop is all low cards and i am guessing they each have big cards: AQ, AJ, KQ, KJ, etc. maybe possible they have a pair, probably under the board: 6s, 7s, maybe 5s. since there are two clubs out there i figure that a pot bet or above would represent having a made hand (big pocket pair) and i was protecting against the flush draw. that was my thinking - i was hoping it was their thinking too. since pot and all-in were essentially the same to my stack, i went all-in. i got one fold and after some thought, the other guy called, having me covered by at least double. he flips 8-9o for top two. while i have the Ac, it's going to take runner runner to save me. turn is a club, but river bricks and i am out.

in hindsight, i think with my M so low, i should have all-in'd from the get go. sure, i would only pulled their bets, but i would have had chips. instead, i was out. serious mistake.

live and learn? i hope....

i have some stuff to post from my Full Tilt WSOP 100 Seat Guarantee Satellite , including one of the worst bad beats i have ever had. it's all at home, so hopefully i'll get to it in the next couple of days....

bcd said @ 02/20/2006 10:17 AM CST

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