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03/14/2006: "come on die young"

has it really been almost a week since i have posted? yikes! as they say time flies when you're having....fun?

anyway, Spring Break officially began for FBISD on Fri, Mar 10, so of course the shop is in full swing. besides that eating up my time, Dar and i have joined a gym and then there is poker, reading, and TiVo.

what's gnu with you?


tonight is Mogwai. David and i are going and while i am tired, i am excited. i've never seen them live and although i know some who would call their brand of music "drone rock," i like it. ;-]

with Mogwai comes my first decision point: will i drink? i know, i know, you don't understand how that requires a decision. unlike some, i did not give up drinking for religious reasons (Baal actually likes us drunk and allows us orgies in calf blood when we drink heavily.) no, i stopped drinking for spousal reasons: Dar stopped smoking on Jan 26th; i saw Spoon somewhere the first week of March and then haven't imbibed since. why? b/c i know first hand that when you stop smoking you pretty much have to stop drinking - the two are joined like Chang and Eng. so as a good husband, i stopped drinking when Dar stopped drinking (and smoking.) now i won't lie: i have missed drinking. we went to one of the area's new restaurants, which happens to be a microbrewery...and i had naught! that was tough b/c i wanted one of their tasty monthly samplings. and there have been some stressful events in the last few weeks that have made me want a strong drink very badly. so to say that i am not an "addict".... verily, tonight i will be out without Dar, so if i wanted, i could in fact drink and not feel like i am taunting her. so we'll see. keep reading for other reasons not to drink.

Dar really has been on a kick lately. with all the change in her life (father passing, reuniting with her daughter and her family) she has made some changes that i think she has always wanted, but needed the push. while head shrinkers will tell you that change is the most stress-causing event in life, change is sometimes pretty cool. i think INXS had it wrong, but hey, what do i know, i've never tried to partially hang myself while jerking off. wow, where was i going? oh yeah, so besides the no smoking (and drinking) she joined a gym, the new "mega" LA Fitness that was just opened by our house. she has been asking if i wanted to go and i have been hemming and hawing about it. why? b/c i am lazy. yeah, sure, i am about 25lbs over weight, but i like spending my free time reading and playing poker. you can't do those on an elliptical trainer. but Sunday i showed some support and went with her as a "visitor". then i immediately joined. nice place, new machines, new everything, blah blah blah. what i enjoyed most was spending time with my wife and feeling like i was sweating out some of the crap i have taken in. so Dar's changes are having ripple effects.

so back to drinking tonight - see the conundrum? drinking, esp beer, is essentially empty carbs, the worst thing you can do when trying to kick start your metabolism (and your heart - go Crue go!) and gin ain't that great either. no, in truth, even when i was a kick ass mountain bike deity (or even just a lowly messenger scum) i drank. why? b/c i could always work that shiet out of my system. so....

we interupt this broadcast for a poker bulletin. *warning* *warning*, hand histories might be shared! so as can be seen by my last post, i moved up and played some $5/$10 and $10/$20 (online). why? b/c i was bored with $1/$2, $2/$4, and $3/$6 (online). can my bankroll support this? probably not. have i enjoyed it? very much. are the lower limits not profitable. no, they are. so why move up? b/c i don't play poker for the money. never have. i like poker b/c it involves skill and luck, stuposedly more skill than luck, but you should watch me play sometimes! anyway, i just feel like i am not learning anything in the lower limits. i am watching guys make all the same moves, moves that i make, i am picking my spots, i am getting it in with the best hands - and i am bored. risking a couple of hundred just doesn't get me excited, and without excitement i am losing interest (btw, this is all about cash NLHE games; i still love thee tournament poker, so don't go a changing...hey INXS was right!) plus, usually i learn best when outclassed; that is, when i am surrounded by others who are smarter and more skillful than i am. this is sink or swim mode and i tend to learn more from experience than from books (no offense poker authors.) so, will i keep playing these levels? sure. exclusively? no. sadly, i find that i must "play poker" at these levels, meaning one table, 100% focus. why sadly? b/c i should be playing the other limits like that too, but i don't. i often have TiVo going, have 3-4 tables up, sometimes even 3-4 short-hand tables up. in my heart of hearts i know that isn't the way to play and learn. but i am bored and it is less stressful than sitting down with $1-$2K in front. wow, what a rambling paragraph. Shakespear i am not. get thee to a hand history.

one cool thing about playing the $5/$10 & $10/$20 on Full Tilt is that you will often find pros playing. if lucky, maybe i'll glean a lesson from watching and playing with them. here is a hand i found really interesting:

Full Tilt Poker Game #485052587: Table Orchard Valley - $10/$20 - No Limit Hold'em -
3:23:50 ET - 2006/03/08
Seat 1: AllenCunningham ($2,394)
Seat 2: DonkeyRock ($5,824.20)
Seat 3: ganyard16 ($2,628.70)
Seat 4: sellthekids ($705)
Seat 5: HoldinHeat ($459.50)
Seat 6: Mike Matusow ($13,855.95)
Seat 7: TommyRot ($1,432)
Seat 8: GodsPetMonkey ($2,432)
Seat 9: ChpLdr8 ($400)
TommyRot posts the small blind of $10
GodsPetMonkey posts the big blind of $20
The button is in seat #6
Dealt to sellthekids [4d 4h]
ChpLdr8 folds
AllenCunningham raises to $40
DonkeyRock folds
ganyard16 folds
sellthekids calls $40
HoldinHeat folds
Mike Matusow raises to $190
TommyRot folds
GodsPetMonkey folds
AllenCunningham calls $150
sellthekids folds
* FLOP * [Ts 5d 2d]
AllenCunningham checks
Mike Matusow bets $220
AllenCunningham calls $220
* TURN * [Ts 5d 2d] [Js]
AllenCunningham bets $500
Mike Matusow is feeling angry
Mike Matusow has 15 seconds left to act
Mike Matusow: AA?
Mike Matusow folds
Uncalled bet of $500 returned to AllenCunningham
AllenCunningham shows [Jh Jc] (three of a kind, Jacks)
AllenCunningham wins the pot ($887)
Total pot $890 | Rake $3
Board: [Ts 5d 2d Js]
Seat 1: AllenCunningham collected ($887)
Seat 2: DonkeyRock didn't bet (folded)
Seat 3: ganyard16 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 4: sellthekids folded before the Flop
Seat 5: HoldinHeat didn't bet (folded)
Seat 6: Mike Matusow (button) folded on the Turn
Seat 7: TommyRot (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 8: GodsPetMonkey (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 9: ChpLdr8 didn't bet (folded)

over the next few hands Matusow and Cunningham discussed the hand (i have pared out only the relevant chat):
AllenCunningham: ak?
Mike Matusow: QQ
Mike Matusow: AA or JJ only 2 hands
AllenCunningham: you check if i check?
Mike Matusow: yes
AllenCunningham: u've got to
Mike Matusow: cant beat any thing
AllenCunningham: but u might calls something on river
Mike Matusow: yaaa
AllenCunningham: i'd probably accidently bet more

now i don't know if Mike is lying, heck for all we know he had a flush draw going, but i took him at his word and i think he made a monster laydown. how? i wish i fscking knew. i have replayed this hand several times and each time i see myself getting broke with QQ here. and that's why he's a pro. btw, in a small chat Mike mentioned he's trying some new drugs for his ADD and depression. i dunno if it is working (he talked as if it was), but i have seen several nights this week where he has had anywhere from 6-14x buy-in on a $5/$10 table. yes, i saw him with $14K in front a few nights ago! something is obviously working for him. (and in another side note, unlike some, i really think Mike is talented. sure, he might have emotional issues, but in poker he has some great smarts. that shiet you see on TV seems to cut both ways for him.)

so, it's hands like that which make me want to play higher. and i will. i did take the smart step in emailing a fellow blogger who plays higher for his input. his reply contained a nugget about how the stakes differ (one which i hoped was true) and some advice, which succinctly was, don't player higher than you can afford. it is sage advice and advice i am heeding, which is why i won't always play those levels. but i want it to be a "Mike McD moment" when i do.

as for my own poker hands? just the facts or do you care? it feels like i have lost more with wired 10s in the last 4 months than i have made with AA, KK, and QQ combined. probably not true, but yikes! wtf is my problem? i just dunno other than over-playing and over-valuing them! just - LOL! they are my Ivey/AQ hand. i had those batards twice today, running one pair of them into a flopped set of nines and another into a wired pair of jacks (both times to the same guy!) anyway, i have lots to learn.

holy macaroni, The Sopranos started! wow - talk about long time coming. we are also TiVo-ing that new HBO series Big Love, but haven't watched it yet. but at least we have some new TV for spring.

i am reading a book on Arnold Rothstein. pretty interesting. man fixed the 1919 World Series, pretty much perfected the floating craps/card games of New York City and even gambled with Titanic Thompson. some interesting history going on in this book.

well, i have run out of steam...again. i am sure there is more to write, but it'll have to wait.


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I drank. Was fun. Hope you had fun too. Mogwai rocked!

DAC said @ 03/15/2006 08:24 AM CST

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