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03/30/2006: "it's really human of you to listen to all my bullshit"

i've been kinda postless. doesn't mean i am just sitting around with my thumb up my arse (although that is what i do best.) just means that i feel kinda rutted in everything i am doing: poker, books, life, whatnot. "life is not whatnot."

anywho, without deep details, here are the highlights....


i tried the whole Jesus Ferguson 5% buy-in to bankroll-rollup $20K deal. basically i ground it out at $.10/$.20 6HNLE and turned $10 into around $50. then i got bored and put the $50 into a SNG and didn't win. poker 1, patience 0.

i have been playing a lot of SNGs this month, guess b/c they are kinda instant gratification. i don't have Poker Tracker in front of me, but last time i looked i was cashing in about 60% of them. i mostly multi-table the $5 9HNLHE and have mixed in others as high as $50 9HNLHE. i really have no idea if this is helping my MTT play. i hope so b/c i need to be thinking about July and winning a seat to the WSOP in Full Tilt's monster 100 seat tourney.

in cash games i have good news and bad news. bad news? i have developed a habit of running my kings into aces. how many times? well, stuposedly about 1/23 times you get kings you will hit someone with aces. me? i have done it the last 3 times i have had kings, all in the span of 7 days (once online and twice live)! yada yada yada, blah blah blah. i really don't know what to say. i haven't had a read deep enough on any of the players to lay my kings down preflop, and i don't even know if that is the right move anyway. i mean, on High Stakes Poker we saw Farha run his kings into Greenstein's aces - and suck out!

which leads to the good news: the bad beat at Northside was hit last night and i was there! $39K was divvied up - 50% to the loser, 25% to the winner and 25% to the table. so for just sitting there i got $735. the loser? $19K. the winner? $9K. pretty amazing, huh? here's the kicker: the hand? aces vs. kings. yeap, the same hand that i have lost 3 times on in 7 days was the hand that hit. here's the play by play: aces and kings get it all in pre-flop. flop comes A-4-K. wow. set over set now. turn comes Q. river? case king baby! quad kings beat aces full! holy mother of all that is sacred. i felt like i was at the super bowl - guys went nuts, high fives all around, screams a plenty, and plenty of cell calls to brag to buddies, etc. so that was pretty cool. still, wish it was me! heh.

they always say go out on a high note, so i'm out!

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