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05/17/2006: "i'm no quitter, i'm just lying down"

so my wife either further tore her ACL on sat night, or she completely popped it. we're not sure which. we know that back in 1999 she had a tear in it. she opted for zero surgery, some physical rehab, and a nifty $1K+ knee brace that looks exactly like what a pro footballer would get (and yes, as a matter of fact, it is the exact brand and type of K-Dubs. guess we used to have decent insurance.)

anyway, she has been bedbound/homebound since sat. she is finally getting the ability to hobble around the house with crutches, which is good.

the bad news (besides the fact that we are insurance-less, not that it matters with an injury like this (surgery is the only "repair")) is that i am on week three of 7 day work weeks. most days are around 13 hours. i think i have had 3 days out of about the last 18 where i only worked 8 hours or so. so i am at about 219 hours worked so far. for those keeping score, if you work like most people, you prolly work roughly 50 hours/week or 200 hours a month. i still have 10 days to go in my work month!


all that said, i have started drinking again. i couldn't help it. had to. but i made a deal with the devil and it is finally beginning to kill me.

in Jan when Dar went on her exercise/no smoking regime (and i started exercising too) i vowed that i would not buy any more liquor. i was not too concerned about this promise. i mean, i had a fully stocked bar plus i was not drinking that much. now jump to mid-May. my bar is depleted. i have one full, un-opened bottle of 15 Year Old Fine Oak Macallan left (i started Jan with 3.) i have no gin, only 1/2 a 1.75 of Tito's vodka left and a full bottle of some kooky tequila i won when playing in a charity poker tourney. that's it. so what's the deal with not buying more?

my vow was not really health-related. i have serious shopper's addiction, particularly in liquor stores. i love liquor stores. the bottles, the different brands, the gimmie-totchkes that come in some gift packs....i love it all. the problem? if i go into a liquor store to buy a bottle of something, i often spend over $300-$400. seriously. i have issues (it's called no self control.) so anyway, my vow was to stop going. i figured i could save some serious coin by just dealing with wine and beer (and i like wine and beer anyway!)

so here i sit. i am physically/mentally spent as far as work goes. a gin and tonic (mmm, Tanq Ten, or Hendrick's, or Magellan....) or maybe mojito sounds good. and yet, i can't. i mean i can. earlier this week a client gifted us a $100 visa gift card (so nice of them). i figure i could just go in and blow that. but then it would break my streak. i would have to start over on a new streak. it's been 4.5 months. this is a good streak!

so that's it. just venting.

ps - the good thing about owning your own business is that at around 6PM i am cracking a beer (we close at 7PM.) maybe that will take my mind off of the gin.

and i do always have that unopened bottle of Macallan.....

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Hey, I know this is a couple of weeks late, but if you ever need some one to dash in and pickup supplies for you, I'm your guy.

After ten years, I'm able to successfully negotiate the fabulous wonders of the liquor store (unless, of course, they stock some nice cigars...but that's *my* problem, not yours).

PS Love your taste in Scotch. One of the reasons I married my wife was because she only drank Glenfiddich (yes, with ice, but only ice). And this was AFTER I quit. Man. And now these freakin' ads for sippin' Tequila...if there is a God and I get to meet him...lets just say they had better have an open bar.

Brokensword said @ 05/26/2006 01:58 PM CST

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