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06/01/2006: "and when the worrying starts to hurt"

still playing a little catch-up. Memorial Day kicked my ass again, running the shop essentially empty handed and having not one but two new employees to deal with. all in all, slowly but surely i am going to escape. i swear...

got a rare day off today, as traffic is light and Dar is having better luck moving around. also helps to have two extra peeps to act as her legs. can't wait to actually start looking for jobs...that said, i am sure i'll regret saying that once i see the market place and what passes for quality employment these days. bitter much? nah, not me.

anyway, not much time, as i want to catch up on some other crap that i have been lagging in, but hit the jump for my meager May stats.


May was my first real foray into $5/$10 NLHE9H, where i decided to play as much as possible at that level. i did take note of my emotional and physical state prior to sitting down, so i only clocked in 619 hands at this buy-in. i played a total of 3010 hands in May.

over all:
total hands - 3010
64 sessions
47.10 hours played
VP$IP - 17.87
$ won - $538.90
BB/hr - (.18)
BB/100 - (.28)

so while i made money, my win rates were negative. this happened by me playing 1229 hands at $3/$6 NLHE9H and losing ($206.80). contrast that with playing 619 hands at $5/$10 NLHE9H and winning $170.30. biggest winning limit? $3/$6 NLHE6H for $989.55; hella-variance in those short-handed games! biggest loser? $2/$4 NLHE9H for ($427.75). not impressive. at least i can say that my hand total over all was down pretty low, so much of this means jack and shiet.


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How's the market? This developer I work with put in his notice on Monday without a job or an interview. Wednesday he was hired.

Back to poker, did you catch this on TechDirt: http://techdirt.com/articles/20060608/0319206.shtml

No Tourny's in Washington

Brokensword said @ 06/08/2006 10:59 AM CST

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