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06/18/2006: "well, you wouldn't put a donkey in a Kentucky Derby, would you?"

the above audio clip is thanks to my new Sprint Pocket PC. i read exactly one review (the one linked) and bought it. my last phone will be my last Motorola phone ever. POS! why a Pocket PC? in the famous words of John Blutarsky, "why not?!"

honestly, it was 75% want and 25% need (and future need at that.) it will allow me to check my email while holed up in the hospital with my Mom on Tuesday (length of stay unknown, ailment = colon resectioning due to diverticulitis.) her two other heart stints are pending her healing from this procedure. it's hell getting old. i gotta find a way to do all the things i want in the next 2.5 years so i can crash and burn before 40!


that was a joke kids; please no interventions.

long time since posts, due to both "maynonaise and malaise" and a very hectic schedule at my wife's shop. that said, i have been getting in my required no-limit hold 'em. i have also been training/dealing with the team of teenagers that we have hired, either for summer or for full-time employment. and oh yeah, my wife and one of our groomers had a huge blow-up, so i got some of the fallout from my wife canning her on the spot. word to the wise: you should never tell the owner of a business that her way is not the way you are going to do something.

so anyway, let's see, what else is new. i finally made the final switch from my local cable provider (hey, Entouch, you guys suck ass!) we are now a DirectTV household and i gotta say, it is better. the picture is clearer, it is cheaper (not by much) and the programming is better. big lineup changes? we now have the Sundance Channel (yes!) and XM Satellite radio (double yes!) so i have been wringing out XMU (channel 831) while churning away my time at the virtual poker tables. next up, a new HDTV flat panel for the family room or at the very least a HDTV converter for my HDTV-ready 53" projection, which i still love and still looks great, but it is a hulking monster!

other stuff: i bought both my mom and my step-daughter (wow, it is weird shiet to type that) new Dells. i got them just like mine, via a reseller on eBay, saving some serious cheese. hopefully they will turn out to be as good as a deal as mine has. i will probably give both my flat panels to them and i am looking at something around 19-21" - probably widescreen? i dunno. i gotta go hit Chen up for more technical help. he is the man when it comes to geek knowledge!

keeping it short but sweet, if you come here to get poker content, lemme make a suggestion: read DoubleAs, Absinthetics, and The law school dropout's poker blog. i haven't had much time lately to hit the blogosphere, but i did read these three and they are far more helpful and informational than anything i could ever type.


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